How To Leave Your Dog On A Rainy Day – Guilt Free

It’s been raining here a lot lately, more than usual but so far we haven’t had to leave our Boston Terrier puppy home alone on a rainy day.

That is, until last week.

It rained for days and we’ve had raining weather all summer long without much hope of much clear weather in the near future.

Not only do we feel like horrible parents leaving our poor little pup at home when we go off to work, but having to leave her at home on a rainy day is even harder.

Oh and the icing on the cake? Stelly is scared of the rain …

She doesn’t cry much but she sits there shaking and looking outside with the occasional attempt at stepping outside followed bluntly by the hard raindrops falling on her, reinforcing her fear.

It would be scary. Imagine being a tiny little puppy all on your own surrounded by big dark rolling clouds, the loud noise of the rain hitting the roof and deck and when you finally get the courage to step out you start getting pounded by cold, wet little missiles.

I’d run for cover too.

Many Dogs Are Scared Of The Rain

Stelly is not alone in her fear and she is far from being the most fearful.

Over the past few days I’ve also seen a few updates from friends expressing their concern about their dogs fear of the rain.

One friend in particular has a dog that cries loudly and all night long whenever it rains, it’s been going on for a year now.

Not as bad as my neighbours dog though who is a few years old … When I had Stelly under the car port trying to get her to go to the toilet outside my neighbour basically told me to give up as her dog still does his business inside when it rains.

Not happening in my house if I can help it!

Helping Your Boston Terrier Overcome Their Fear Of The Rain

I refuse to have a grown dog continue to go to the toilet in my house simply because they are scared of the rain. Say what you want but I think it’s ridiculous.

Yes it takes effort, time and frustration but with some patience I believe I will help my little Boston get over her fear so that she can go to the toilet outside when it’s raining.

Why is this so important?

I don’t want Stelly to be anxious when it rains just as I’m sure you don’t want your BT suffering anxiety, rain will occur a lot during your BT’s life and it’s not something they need to be afraid of.

I’m also pretty sure Stelly made herself a little constipated by not going to the toilet as she didn’t want to go in the rain. She also (usually) doesn’t do her business in the house so that means no toilet for Stelly.

I work close to home so the other day when it was raining I came home in my lunch break to check she was okay and also to try and get her to go to the toilet.

Teaching Your BT Not To Be Afraid Of Rain

I’m new at this game but armed with the training basics and a strong bond between Stelly and I, we managed to have some success in overcoming her fear of the rain.

I was outside with Stelly (in the rain) for half an hour and we tried a few of the usual tactics:

  • out the back on the grass – no go
  • out the front under the car port so she wouldn’t get wet – no go, she likes grass
  • gentle verbal encouragement – yeah right, didn’t work either

Boston Terriers are smart and it was clear that there was no way that Stelly was going to step out and be attacked by the wet missiles falling from the sky. So after trying for half an hour to get Stelly to go to the toilet with the usual dry day tactics with no success it was time to try something new.

Stelly trusts me. It’s my job to show her love and also to teach her what behaviours are safe and which behaviours should be avoided.

So I proved to her that it’s safe to stand in the rain.

Yes that’s right, I went and stood in the pouring rain with no umbrella or raincoat so that I could lead by example and show her that while you might get wet, the rain won’t hurt you.

While I was standing in the rain I smiled and called for Stelly to come.

We did have a little break-through though. She may not have gone to the toilet but she did step out in the rain very briefly after I stood in the rain.

With a bit more persistence and some treats I’m sure she’ll be fine. I’ll have to wait for the next down pour to test her with the treats … can’t say I’m excited about that.

Now, you may think that it’s completely ridiculous to stand out in the rain (if you have a better idea please share it in the comments below) but, remember my neighbour with the adult dog who still pees inside when it rains. Now tell me which is more ridiculous.

But it’s not just an issue of her needing to go to the toilet. I feel bad that she can’t get out and run around.

Plus, once she’s okay to step out into the rain she’s going to get wet and uncomfortable.

Keeping Your Boston Terrier Comfortable In The Rain

Stelly sleeps in the laundry and she has a nice comfy bed in there and room to move but she can’t run around and play. The laundry has a door which goes directly to the backyard which is great for her as she can come and go as she pleases but it doesn’t do her much good when it’s raining.

To overcome our guilt that she can’t get around comfortably in the rain I’ve been searching for ways to keep her happy on those dreary rainy days.

Ideas To Keep Your Boston Terrier Dry:

I’m looking into starting with a dog raincoat for Stelly and spent hours searching the net for some practical yet cool jackets.

Here are some of the dog raincoats on my shortlist:

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1. FouFou Dog Reversible Raincoat, Dark Silver/White from Amazon
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4. Fab Dog Pocket Travel Raincoat from – other colours available
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How does your Boston Terrier cope with the rain?

Do you have a similar problem with your Boston Terrier? Do you have a funny story or tips?
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