Top 11 ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics’ on Pinterest

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We have a community board on Pinterest ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics‘ where you can be added as a contributor and add photos of your boston terrier and it’s got quite the collection going.

It’s so cool to see all the pups in their environments, what they get up to and the funny dog clothes and costumes their parents sometimes dress them in (yep I’m guilty as charged too …). So I thought I’d share with you my top 10 (I spotted another one and couldn’t resist adding it!) 11 pics from the bunch.

If you’d like to add some of your pics you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up for your free profile on this site and post your pics right away!
  2. Ok, for Pinterest, you need to follow us on Pinterest (not a tactic, seriously can’t add you if you aren’t a follower)
  3. Comment on a pic that you’d like to be added as a contributer (or email PM me via your profile on this site)
  4. Wait to receive a notification
  5. Upload a pin and you should see the board in your selection
  6. Note: This board is only for pics of your actual dogs – please don’t post other pics as they will be deleted (there are other boards for that)

Can’t wait to see your pics! Contact me if you have any trouble.

Elise Sorge

I laid eyes on my first Boston Terrier whilst living in a rustic cabin in Canada and was immediately smitten. I created Boston Terriers Rock for people like myself who love the unique style and character of Boston Terriers so we can connect and share our knowledge, experience and fun of our quirky Bostons. Read more about my story.

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