Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

What should I feed my new puppy?

Today’s member question comes from Nicole who is adopting a puppy and wondering what to feed her puppy.

I’m adopting a BT puppy I will be a fist time puppy mom and can’t find a good source on what kind of dog food to feed my new baby, any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks Nicole

Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

I don’t think donuts are on the menu … source: Ayumi Horie

Hi Nicole,

Congratulations on your new puppy!

You’ll have to slowly transition your pup from the food the breeder is feeding so start with that and then slowly cut down that food while introducing the new food in small quantities.

If you are wanting to feed kibble I suggest finding a puppy kibble that is grain free and contains real meat not filler or “meal”. I mix a grain free kibble with BARF raw food that I get from the freezer section of the pet store.

You can also feed fresh mince with some cooked veg like pumpkin, sweet potato etc (not canned).

Let me know how you go and please send a pic!


Puppy Food – Grain Free

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

I have found some grain free puppy food* that may be suitable for you on Amazon. I haven’t used these specific brands as I am not based in the U.S. so please do your own research but from what I can see these brands don’t use fillers or ‘meal’ so if home made food isn’t an option these could work well for your puppy.

Do you have any tips for Nicole? What did you feed your pup? Share in the comments below.

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the meaning of love boston terrier

The Meaning Of Love – Taught by Dogs

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog Boston Terrier”
– Gene Hill

the meaning of love boston terrier

Before I owned a Boston Terrier (or in fact any dog as Stelly is my first) I could never have fathomed the amount of pure, unconditional love that a dog can give and perhaps even more surprising is the pure, unconditional love I have for her.

Before we traveled 1459 miles + 4 Days + 2 States to adopt our puppy I believed that dogs belong outside (at all times), don’t need fancy soft beds, certainly don’t need cool little dog jackets to keep them warm (hello they have fur) and they are just a little gross and can never be trusted.

Then I met a little Boston Terrier called Stelly. Not our Stelly but a Canadian Stelly (our neighbour’s dog) who was the first Boston Terrier I had ever seen and I was smitten. A fully grown dog that looks cool, is cute and kind but still looks like a puppy!

When we finally adopted our pup we named her after Canadian Stelly and from day 1 all of my rules and beliefs went right out the window!

Having my own dog has taught me so much about life – they have so much love but they are also very in tune with their instincts and can pick someone dodgy from a mile away – I find that so fascinating!

They don’t care if you’re having a bad hair day – when you are happy, they are happy and when you are sad they are right there cuddling up to make you feel better.

The world would be a much better place if we could learn to love humanity and the earth like they do.

What has your dog taught you about love? Share in the comments below.

Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

The Healing Power of a Little Blue-Eyed Puppy

I spotted this picture of Annie being snuck into hospital on our Pinterst community board posted by one of our Boston Terriers Rock community members and I had to know more!

Deva very kindly shared her touching story of her families heartbreak after losing both their Boston Terriers and how their little puppy Annie has bought love and healing into their lives. (Share your story in the comments below).

Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

Annie being snuck into hospital to meet her new mum

My love for Bostons started when my sister got hers, 10 years ago. I had to have one, but, instead brought home 2! Precious baby girls!

At the age of 7, they both were diagnosed with lymphoma and I lost them both within 6 months. It was like losing children for me. A few months passed, and we rescued a Boston Terrier mix, Pepper. He’s an amazing dog! But, still I felt an emptiness in my heart.

Since May, I’ve had 4 surgeries and several invasive procedures. My husband decided as a get well and motivation present, to get me a puppy. We found Annie and I fell in love with her instantly!

They drove over 2 hours to get her, late at night. My husband called me and said, “are you sure you want this one, she has a scar on her forehead, already. She’s the runt too.” It made me more sure that she was the one for me, as I have so many physical, emotional, and mental scars. So, they brought her home and sneaked her into my hospital room. I came home the next day.

I’m getting stronger and better every day! And, I have to say, Annie is a big contributing factor! She and Pepper are amazing together! She has completed my family! Small, odd markings, blue eye, and all! I have a son as well, who is 6. He has fallen in live with her too!

At 3 months, she owns all of us! Definitely, a happy ending!

– Deva

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Top 11 ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics’ on Pinterest

We have a community board on Pinterest ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics‘ where you can be added as a contributor and add photos of your boston terrier and it’s got quite the collection going.

It’s so cool to see all the pups in their environments, what they get up to and the funny dog clothes and costumes their parents sometimes dress them in (yep I’m guilty as charged too …). So I thought I’d share with you my top 10 (I spotted another one and couldn’t resist adding it!) 11 pics from the bunch.

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A Picnic, A Puppy and A Supermoon

For nearly 2 years now I’ve wanted to watch the full moon rise over the beach but we always seem to forget or arrive too late but when I heard there was a Supermoon on Sunday I made sure we witnessed it.

So we packed up a little picnic and the pup and the 3 of us headed down the road to the beach to watch the Supermoon rise.

At first we kept having people come over to us wanting to see Stelly which I usually don’t mind but we were set up with a picnic and drinks having some quiet time and they didn’t really seem to get that … I guess she is irresistible though.

Eventually we were left in peace and the few other people that were there disappeared not long after the sun went down.

It was a beautiful clear afternoon and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset which was then overlapped by the spectacular rising moon.

It was breathtakingly beautiful watching the purple and orange stained sky with the moon emerging on the horizon across the ocean with the waves rolling the moons rays closer and closer to us.

It really made us appreciate just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world and sharing it with out little puppy just topped it off.

I think the Supermoon got to Stelly a little, she’s usually quite calm but as you’ll see in the video she kept wanting to jump around near the cliff edge … by the time the sun had completely sunk behind the escarpment and the moon was in full bloom little Stelly was fast asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Did you watch the Supermoon rise?

Share your stories and pics below! We’d love to see how people in other corners of the earth witness it.

Sunset beach escarpment

Supermoon 2012 rising as the sun sets

Supermoon 2012 rising with the waves

Supermoon 2012 rising with the waves

Supermoon 2012 rising over the ocean

Watching Supermoon 2012 with Boston Terrier

Supermoon 2012 at the beach Australia

Boston Terrier Stelly sleeping - Supermoon 2012