A Sneak Peek Of Our Wedding

Dog Wedding collar rustic

Stelly doing what she does best – looking cute

A few months ago I married my soul mate. It really was the most beautiful day of my life. Our little Boston Terrier Stelly is so special to us and really made us feel like a family so naturally we wanted to include her in our wedding ceremony.

We had planned a beautiful relaxed ceremony on the beach with the sand between our toes and our puppy by our side. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans as we had terrible rain for the days leading up and on our wedding day …

I had planned for wet weather so we had a plan b for our wedding ceremony, and it was a lovely plan b so I was fine with that. The only thing that made tear up a little was the realisation that Stelly wouldn’t be able to be a part of our ceremony.

I had made her a cute little dog necklace for the wedding and our lovely neighbour who happens to be a photographer came over and took so photos of Mr BTR getting ready and some great pics of Stelly. So she did feel a part of our special day.

I really wanted to share a couple of the pictures with you guys. Some people thought we were a little crazy for wanting our dog to be in our wedding ceremony and I totally understand.

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Photos of Stelly by: Bailey Photography
Wedding Photos by: The Simple Things Studio – view all our wedding photos on their blog
Wedding Decor and Cake: Soul Stories – Unique Weddings & Events

Before we adopted Stelly I was the same! In fact I can’t believe how much Stelly has changed me in that way. I had never had a dog for a pet and am a little scared of dogs (especially big ones) but I can really appreciate now just how much love they can give and how they really are an important part of the family.

So, did you have your dog in your wedding? Are you planning to include your dog or have you seen someone else include their dog in their wedding?

I’d love to hear your plans and stories!

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Boston Terriers In Weddings: A Very Stylish Flavour Of Cute

Boston Terriers at weddings


What better way to show off your pup than a Boston Terrier wedding! By that I mean including them in your wedding, not marrying off your pet.

Unique weddings that reflect a couples unique style and personality are definitely on trend and it’s a trend I hope will stick around. After all, a wedding should reflect your relationship and the things you love.

Thanks to this new trend we are now seeing many couples including their pets in their wedding and what cuter addition could you ask for than a Boston Terrier? They come with their own custom made, permanent tuxedo so clearly they were born for weddings!

Whether your Boston Terrier has a quick feature in a photo whilst you are getting ready or they are part of the bridal party as a ring bearer (if your stress levels can handle that responsibility on a dog) or even a bridesmaid; they will bring a very stylish flavour of cute to your wedding.

Now I’m not a fan of the typical tacky dog wedding attire so I’ve gathered some cute pics from around the web of weddings featuring the coolest dog breed in the world, the Boston Terrier.

What’s The Deal With All The Wedding Talk?

So you may be wondering why I’m all hung up on weddings at the moment … and you may also be wondering why it’s been a while since I last posted …

Well, after 6 and a bit years Mr. BTR finally popped the question – Of course I said yes!

The Proposal

sunset beach proposal

The view where he proposed

We headed down to the beach (the same spot where we watched the Supermoon rise) in the afternoon to have a little picnic, a drink and watch the sun go down (or at least watch the colours over the ocean as we are facing East) with Stelly.

I was taking lot’s of photos as I do and once the sun had sunk well below the horizon he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Oh and yes, there is a stunning rock that was planted firmly on my finger but you’ll have to head to my profile page in the Boston Terriers Rock community to see that one. Cheeky I know 🙂

Did you have your Boston Terrier involved in your wedding or do you know someone that has?

Share your stories and tell me what you’d like to see Stelly in for our wedding.

boston terrier bride wedding

Image via Style Me Pretty

wedding inspiration with Boston Terrier


bride boston terrier

via Jenny Yoo

boston terrier wedding cart

Boston Terrier puppy in a cart

bride with boston terrier


bride and groom with boston terrier


boston terrier wedding party


boston terrier orange wedding collar

via Style Me Pretty

boston terrier in wedding


boston terrier bridesmaid


Boston Terrier in wedding party


Boston Terrier with Bridesmaid


boston terrier puppy in wedding cart

via Pinterest

Boston Terrier ring bearer


Boston Terrier flowergirl


boston terrier at wedding


wedding inspiration with Boston Terrier and christmas tree


Boston Terriers at weddings


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