boston terrier decor inspiration

Inspired By Colour: Products For Your Boston

boston terrier decor inspiration

Boston Terrier inspired color palette

What better way to decorate your home and than to draw inspiration from your Boston Terrier!

I just discovered Design Seeds today and not only is it a great looking website but Jessica has put together an inspirational series of colour palettes based on the creatures we love.

Brilliant idea!

When I saw this colour palette created from an image of a very stylish looking Boston Terrier and a chic dog bowl I couldn’t resist finding decor and accessories for your Boston, inspired by the palette and image.

Below is a range of pet decor items and accessories which I have found, shortlisted and packaged to complement the colour palette inspiration and make a statement of your home and your Boston Terrier.

Products Inspired By Colour:

Keep reading as you’ll find full product descriptions for each of the images featured here.

Signature Chateaux Ceramic Dog Bowl

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I really liked the dog bowl in the inspiration picture and figured that you would like it too. So I searched all over the internet and I found it buried within the thousands of products on amazon, just for you.

Signature Chateaux Ceramic Dog Bowl in Black and White

Dog Bowl from The Inspiration Pic

This dog bowl is practical, functional, very stylish but it’s also reasonably priced making it a cost effective and practical statement piece to complement your home and your dog.

The dog bowl can be cleaned quickly and with ease as it’s finished in a high-gloss glaze that is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Not sure how often you’ll be putting your dog bowl in the microwave but it’s good to know just in case.

The best feature of this dog bowl is of course the chic black and white pattern which appears to be exactly the same as the dog bowl in the inspiration image.

Who would’ve thought a dog bowl could look so damn good!

Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 3 inches ; 2.6 pounds

Habitat ‘n Home Pet Crate

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This stylish espresso coloured dog crate will complement your home decor making it a feature of your home rather than an unsightly distraction.

wood dog crate

Dog crate by New Age Pet

This indoor dog crate has a mission design with a built in floor (which you’ll need to add a matt to for comfort) and a latching door to keep your Boston secure.

Even better than it’s chic design, this indoor dog crate is eco-friendly!

The crate is made from recycled polymers, recycled wood fibers and is constructed from eCo-Flex.

Combine the Crate with the Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed removable bolster to add extra style.

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Lowest Price Guarantee

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Copper Glass Beads Leather Dog Collar

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Handcrafted by the residents of Takaungu village on the Swahili Coast of Kenya in Africa.

Copper Glass Beads Leather Dog Collar

Copper Glass Beads Leather Dog Collar

This dog collar is the perfect way to keep your Boston looking stylish whilst you help support more than 80 of the villages residents.

This dog collar is made from quality leather (the best leather in Kenya according to the website), copper coloured Czech glass beads and hand-forged recycled brass to create a unique accessory to complement your Boston Terrier.

When you purchase one of these collars you not only get a statement accessory that’s sure to turn heads but, you are supporting the residents of Takaungu village.

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Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed

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Inspired by the dog bowl in the inspiration picture, the Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed is a much more attractive option than your typical bland dog bed.

Muttropolis Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed

Muttropolis Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed

Not only is this dog bed created with a chic pattern design but it’s soft design along with the raised edges and roomy interior will ensure that your Boston Terrier can snuggle up for a nap feeling safe, comfortable and oh so stylish.

The bed also includes a removable bolster which can be used on it’s own as a travel matt or inserted into the Habitat ‘n Home Pet Crate, adding a chic pattern to contrast the strong espresso finish.

The Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed is made with a micro-velvet fabric cover, 100% cotton is used on the inner cushions which are stuffed with 100% high-memory polyester fiberfill for the for a high level of comfort for your Boston.

Rated 5/5 by Muttropolis Customers

Here’s feedback from one reviewer who lists one of the best uses for the bed being for small dogs, just like our Boston Terriers.
[quote]I also wanted a bed that would be attractive and not detract from our home’s decor. This stylish and comfortable bed is a perfect fit, for our dog and for us.[/quote]

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Hemp Leopard Print Bone Dog Toy

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Stylish, eco-friendly and bone shaped – Could there be a better toy for your Boston Terrier?

muttropolis leopard print dog bone toy

Leopard Print Dog Bone Toy

Slotting into the lighter side of the colour palette, the leopard print featured on this dog toy is a soft caramel which will not only be fun for your Boston to play with but will complement the other decor items and a brindle coat.

There’s no reason to have ugly dog toys when this stylish bone shaped squeaker toy will give your dog just as much fun whilst looking good.

Better still, the toy is made from eco-friendly hemp material which is safe for your pet and durable (though as with any toy, it’s not bullet proof and completely indestructible with effort).

So scrap the chemical filled plastic toys and replace it with one of these cuties.

Sizing: Small – 7 in. Large – 11 in.

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Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Treat Tin

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Made from recycled materials, sleek black and white and fancy french words – Oh so chic

Harry Barker dog treat tin

Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Treat Tin

As we know, Boston Terriers are intelligent, stylish and pretty darn cool and simply saying “Good Dog” just doesn’t quite do them justice.

So Harry Barker says “Bon Chien” which is French for “Good Dog” and well anything sounds good in French and good dogs deserve treats so why not keep them in style.

Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Treat Tins are FDA approved and made from sturdy, recycled steel. It’s also easy to wipe clean with a cloth and dish soap.

Measures 7.5” high and 4” diameter.

With a dog treat tin that looks this good you’ll want to have it on display!

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Disclosure: These products have affiliate links which means if you decide to buy I get some pocket money to buy Stelly a treat and keep this website free. I spend a lot of time searching for quality products and I will only promote an affiliate product that I would purchase myself.