Dog Skateboarding Boston Terrier

Dog Boarding – Dexter’s Amazing Skateboard Tricks

Browsing through Vimeo I stumbled on this clever little clip featuring a cool Boston Terrier and naturally, just had to share it.

This video was made by Alien Art Agency who are based near the beach in the south of France, must be a tough life living there I’m sure!

The clip features “Alien’s” Boston Terrier, Dexter busting some seriously pro skateboarding tricks in the sun with Alien claiming him to be the first pro Dog Boarder. And hey, why not.

Created with a Canon 7D a green screen, After Effects and a large dose of fun and creativity. This is sure to make you laugh while Dexter busts a move with some pretty cool tunes behind him.

Watch the video here:

Did you get a laugh from the video?

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More About Alien Art Agency

Alien Art Agency Logo

Bio from their MySpace page:

Hi! My name’s Alien, I work as a graphic designer, webdesigner, and clothes designer in my own agency, The Alien Art Agency. I love graphical designs, especially vintages ones, punk rock, hanging out with friends, mustangs, piercings and tattoos. When I’m not working, I’m doing skateboard, surf, and drums! ..

You can check out other videos created by Alien Art Agency on Vimeo or visit their website here