Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

What should I feed my new puppy?

Today’s member question comes from Nicole who is adopting a puppy and wondering what to feed her puppy.

I’m adopting a BT puppy I will be a fist time puppy mom and can’t find a good source on what kind of dog food to feed my new baby, any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks Nicole

Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

I don’t think donuts are on the menu … source: Ayumi Horie

Hi Nicole,

Congratulations on your new puppy!

You’ll have to slowly transition your pup from the food the breeder is feeding so start with that and then slowly cut down that food while introducing the new food in small quantities.

If you are wanting to feed kibble I suggest finding a puppy kibble that is grain free and contains real meat not filler or “meal”. I mix a grain free kibble with BARF raw food that I get from the freezer section of the pet store.

You can also feed fresh mince with some cooked veg like pumpkin, sweet potato etc (not canned).

Let me know how you go and please send a pic!


Puppy Food – Grain Free

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

I have found some grain free puppy food* that may be suitable for you on Amazon. I haven’t used these specific brands as I am not based in the U.S. so please do your own research but from what I can see these brands don’t use fillers or ‘meal’ so if home made food isn’t an option these could work well for your puppy.

Do you have any tips for Nicole? What did you feed your pup? Share in the comments below.

* This is an affiliate link which means if you purchase using my link I will get a small commission (about 4%) which helps to pay for the runnings costs of this site which provides free information and a free online community.

the meaning of love boston terrier

The Meaning Of Love – Taught by Dogs

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog Boston Terrier”
– Gene Hill

the meaning of love boston terrier

Before I owned a Boston Terrier (or in fact any dog as Stelly is my first) I could never have fathomed the amount of pure, unconditional love that a dog can give and perhaps even more surprising is the pure, unconditional love I have for her.

Before we traveled 1459 miles + 4 Days + 2 States to adopt our puppy I believed that dogs belong outside (at all times), don’t need fancy soft beds, certainly don’t need cool little dog jackets to keep them warm (hello they have fur) and they are just a little gross and can never be trusted.

Then I met a little Boston Terrier called Stelly. Not our Stelly but a Canadian Stelly (our neighbour’s dog) who was the first Boston Terrier I had ever seen and I was smitten. A fully grown dog that looks cool, is cute and kind but still looks like a puppy!

When we finally adopted our pup we named her after Canadian Stelly and from day 1 all of my rules and beliefs went right out the window!

Having my own dog has taught me so much about life – they have so much love but they are also very in tune with their instincts and can pick someone dodgy from a mile away – I find that so fascinating!

They don’t care if you’re having a bad hair day – when you are happy, they are happy and when you are sad they are right there cuddling up to make you feel better.

The world would be a much better place if we could learn to love humanity and the earth like they do.

What has your dog taught you about love? Share in the comments below.

Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

The Healing Power of a Little Blue-Eyed Puppy

I spotted this picture of Annie being snuck into hospital on our Pinterst community board posted by one of our Boston Terriers Rock community members and I had to know more!

Deva very kindly shared her touching story of her families heartbreak after losing both their Boston Terriers and how their little puppy Annie has bought love and healing into their lives. (Share your story in the comments below).

Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

Annie being snuck into hospital to meet her new mum

My love for Bostons started when my sister got hers, 10 years ago. I had to have one, but, instead brought home 2! Precious baby girls!

At the age of 7, they both were diagnosed with lymphoma and I lost them both within 6 months. It was like losing children for me. A few months passed, and we rescued a Boston Terrier mix, Pepper. He’s an amazing dog! But, still I felt an emptiness in my heart.

Since May, I’ve had 4 surgeries and several invasive procedures. My husband decided as a get well and motivation present, to get me a puppy. We found Annie and I fell in love with her instantly!

They drove over 2 hours to get her, late at night. My husband called me and said, “are you sure you want this one, she has a scar on her forehead, already. She’s the runt too.” It made me more sure that she was the one for me, as I have so many physical, emotional, and mental scars. So, they brought her home and sneaked her into my hospital room. I came home the next day.

I’m getting stronger and better every day! And, I have to say, Annie is a big contributing factor! She and Pepper are amazing together! She has completed my family! Small, odd markings, blue eye, and all! I have a son as well, who is 6. He has fallen in live with her too!

At 3 months, she owns all of us! Definitely, a happy ending!

– Deva

Share Your Story

We’d love to hear your story too! Share in the comments below and we might feature your story on the blog.

boston terrier puppy

Help Save Molly! My Wife Wants To Give Up Our Puppy

One of Boston Terriers Rock community members wrote to me asking for advice. Paul (@paul-mcdonagh) is in a sticky situation where his wife has recently had a baby and their Boston Terrier puppy Molly is acting like she has the terrible two’s.

Due to this Paul’s wife wants to give Molly up.

Hi Elise,
My wife wants to give up our Molly who is an adorable 18mnt Boston Terrier. we have just had a baby and my wife said Molly is too much for her to handle at home. we have another dog (lap dog who is mummy’s boy Malti-poo) who gets annoyed with Molly wanting to play, so he barks. we also have to crate Molly when we are not at home and at night because she started to chew up the carpet and sheds on our bed. i am 100% behind keeping Molly, but what can i do to change the situation? any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve done my best to give some advice on how he may be able to keep Molly but we’d really love for you to add your advice in the comments too.

This is a tricky situation you have here

boston terrier molly

Little 18 month old Molly

Do you have a backyard or do you live in an apartment?

First and foremost you have to think as if you were in your wife’s situation (which I’m sure you have). Having a baby especially if it’s your first child is a huge adjustment and your wife has spent the past 10 months whilst pregnant (yes it’s technically 10 months) losing some of her nutrients to bub, growing, not getting much sleep, being uncomfortable and then going through the marathon which is the birth. So when the baby arrives she is already exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Add to that, the hormones that are going crazy, trying to work out how to care for a newborn and get up throughout the night etc.

Now you know all of this but I really just wanted to emphasize that she is tired.

So when your little puppy Molly wants attention she isn’t getting it as your wife is likely struggling to find 5 minutes for herself. So, Molly starts being a little naughty to get the attention.

This will put further stress on your wife and could be why she’s at the point where she wants to give Molly up. She has no reserves left after caring for your baby.

So, now that we are clear on where your wife may be coming from what can you do to help the situation?

My advice would be to take as much of the burden off your wife as possible.

How do you do this?

  • Take The Dog For A long Walk Morning and Night
    Molly wants to play and has energy to burn so by taking her for a run in the morning and when you get home at night she’s getting her play time and burning up that energy so she’ll be less likely to be bored and ripping up carpet and trying to get your wife and other dog’s attention as she’ll be lazing around.
  • Help With Chores
    I know you are probably working all day but your wife’s job is 24/7 so make sure you are doing your share of the cleaning etc so that your wife has a little breathing space for me time.
  • Put The Dog In The Yard
    If you have a backyard get a dog kennel for Molly and have her sleep in the yard so you don’t have to worry about crating her or her tearing up your house.
  • Give Molly A Bone
    Giving Molly a bone to chew in the day will keep her occupied and out of your wife’s hair and she’ll be ready for a walk when you get home
  • Try and Catch Pup Being Naughty
    My breeder said the best way to stop your dog doing naughty things is to catch them in the act and discipline them. Verbally that is not physically. Easier said than done but try and catch her chewing the carpet.

All of the above suggestions are geared at easing the burden on your wife and keeping Molly happy and your wife happy.

I’m sure your wife loves Molly and doesn’t want to have to give her up but there is simply too much on her plate and Molly is low on her priority list.

If you want to keep Molly, you need to ease that burden. It will take effort but I know you can do it!

We are all here to support you!

What Are Your Suggestions For Paul?

Do you have any advice you can share with Paul?

Give him a hand and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Picnic, A Puppy and A Supermoon

For nearly 2 years now I’ve wanted to watch the full moon rise over the beach but we always seem to forget or arrive too late but when I heard there was a Supermoon on Sunday I made sure we witnessed it.

So we packed up a little picnic and the pup and the 3 of us headed down the road to the beach to watch the Supermoon rise.

At first we kept having people come over to us wanting to see Stelly which I usually don’t mind but we were set up with a picnic and drinks having some quiet time and they didn’t really seem to get that … I guess she is irresistible though.

Eventually we were left in peace and the few other people that were there disappeared not long after the sun went down.

It was a beautiful clear afternoon and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset which was then overlapped by the spectacular rising moon.

It was breathtakingly beautiful watching the purple and orange stained sky with the moon emerging on the horizon across the ocean with the waves rolling the moons rays closer and closer to us.

It really made us appreciate just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world and sharing it with out little puppy just topped it off.

I think the Supermoon got to Stelly a little, she’s usually quite calm but as you’ll see in the video she kept wanting to jump around near the cliff edge … by the time the sun had completely sunk behind the escarpment and the moon was in full bloom little Stelly was fast asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Did you watch the Supermoon rise?

Share your stories and pics below! We’d love to see how people in other corners of the earth witness it.

Sunset beach escarpment

Supermoon 2012 rising as the sun sets

Supermoon 2012 rising with the waves

Supermoon 2012 rising with the waves

Supermoon 2012 rising over the ocean

Watching Supermoon 2012 with Boston Terrier

Supermoon 2012 at the beach Australia

Boston Terrier Stelly sleeping - Supermoon 2012

How To Leave Your Dog On A Rainy Day – Guilt Free

It’s been raining here a lot lately, more than usual but so far we haven’t had to leave our Boston Terrier puppy home alone on a rainy day.

That is, until last week.

It rained for days and we’ve had raining weather all summer long without much hope of much clear weather in the near future.

Not only do we feel like horrible parents leaving our poor little pup at home when we go off to work, but having to leave her at home on a rainy day is even harder.

Oh and the icing on the cake? Stelly is scared of the rain …

She doesn’t cry much but she sits there shaking and looking outside with the occasional attempt at stepping outside followed bluntly by the hard raindrops falling on her, reinforcing her fear.

It would be scary. Imagine being a tiny little puppy all on your own surrounded by big dark rolling clouds, the loud noise of the rain hitting the roof and deck and when you finally get the courage to step out you start getting pounded by cold, wet little missiles.

I’d run for cover too.

Many Dogs Are Scared Of The Rain

Stelly is not alone in her fear and she is far from being the most fearful.

Over the past few days I’ve also seen a few updates from friends expressing their concern about their dogs fear of the rain.

One friend in particular has a dog that cries loudly and all night long whenever it rains, it’s been going on for a year now.

Not as bad as my neighbours dog though who is a few years old … When I had Stelly under the car port trying to get her to go to the toilet outside my neighbour basically told me to give up as her dog still does his business inside when it rains.

Not happening in my house if I can help it!

Helping Your Boston Terrier Overcome Their Fear Of The Rain

I refuse to have a grown dog continue to go to the toilet in my house simply because they are scared of the rain. Say what you want but I think it’s ridiculous.

Yes it takes effort, time and frustration but with some patience I believe I will help my little Boston get over her fear so that she can go to the toilet outside when it’s raining.

Why is this so important?

I don’t want Stelly to be anxious when it rains just as I’m sure you don’t want your BT suffering anxiety, rain will occur a lot during your BT’s life and it’s not something they need to be afraid of.

I’m also pretty sure Stelly made herself a little constipated by not going to the toilet as she didn’t want to go in the rain. She also (usually) doesn’t do her business in the house so that means no toilet for Stelly.

I work close to home so the other day when it was raining I came home in my lunch break to check she was okay and also to try and get her to go to the toilet.

Teaching Your BT Not To Be Afraid Of Rain

I’m new at this game but armed with the training basics and a strong bond between Stelly and I, we managed to have some success in overcoming her fear of the rain.

I was outside with Stelly (in the rain) for half an hour and we tried a few of the usual tactics:

  • out the back on the grass – no go
  • out the front under the car port so she wouldn’t get wet – no go, she likes grass
  • gentle verbal encouragement – yeah right, didn’t work either

Boston Terriers are smart and it was clear that there was no way that Stelly was going to step out and be attacked by the wet missiles falling from the sky. So after trying for half an hour to get Stelly to go to the toilet with the usual dry day tactics with no success it was time to try something new.

Stelly trusts me. It’s my job to show her love and also to teach her what behaviours are safe and which behaviours should be avoided.

So I proved to her that it’s safe to stand in the rain.

Yes that’s right, I went and stood in the pouring rain with no umbrella or raincoat so that I could lead by example and show her that while you might get wet, the rain won’t hurt you.

While I was standing in the rain I smiled and called for Stelly to come.

We did have a little break-through though. She may not have gone to the toilet but she did step out in the rain very briefly after I stood in the rain.

With a bit more persistence and some treats I’m sure she’ll be fine. I’ll have to wait for the next down pour to test her with the treats … can’t say I’m excited about that.

Now, you may think that it’s completely ridiculous to stand out in the rain (if you have a better idea please share it in the comments below) but, remember my neighbour with the adult dog who still pees inside when it rains. Now tell me which is more ridiculous.

But it’s not just an issue of her needing to go to the toilet. I feel bad that she can’t get out and run around.

Plus, once she’s okay to step out into the rain she’s going to get wet and uncomfortable.

Keeping Your Boston Terrier Comfortable In The Rain

Stelly sleeps in the laundry and she has a nice comfy bed in there and room to move but she can’t run around and play. The laundry has a door which goes directly to the backyard which is great for her as she can come and go as she pleases but it doesn’t do her much good when it’s raining.

To overcome our guilt that she can’t get around comfortably in the rain I’ve been searching for ways to keep her happy on those dreary rainy days.

Ideas To Keep Your Boston Terrier Dry:

I’m looking into starting with a dog raincoat for Stelly and spent hours searching the net for some practical yet cool jackets.

Here are some of the dog raincoats on my shortlist:

FouFou Reversible Dog Raincoat Dark Silver-White

1. FouFou Reversible Dog Raincoat Dark Silver-White

Amazon Black with Red Toile Lined Raincoat for Dogs

Black with Red Toile Lined Raincoat for Dogs

dog raincoat Amazon East Side Collection Monkey Business Stowaway Jacket

Monkey Business Stowaway Rain Jacket

Fab dog pocket travel raincoat - Navy from Wag

Fab dog pocket travel raincoat - Navy

Muttropolis Fleece Lined Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hood

Muttropolis Fleece Lined Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hood

Amazon A Coat for My Cowboy All-Weather Pleather Dog Raincoat

A Coat for My Cowboy

1. FouFou Dog Reversible Raincoat, Dark Silver/White from Amazon
2. Black with Red Toile Lined Raincoat for Dogs (Small) from Amazon
3. Monkey Business Stowaway Rain Jacket from Amazon
4. Fab Dog Pocket Travel Raincoat from – other colours available
5. Fleece Lined Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hood from Muttropolis
6. “A Coat for My Cowboy” All-Weather Pleather Dog Raincoat (Small) from Amazon

*Note: These are affiliate links which mean that if you decide to buy I get a very small commission to help keep this site free. I only promote products that I would purchase myself.

How does your Boston Terrier cope with the rain?

Do you have a similar problem with your Boston Terrier? Do you have a funny story or tips?
Share in the comments below.

1459 miles + 4 Days + 2 States = Adopting Our New Puppy

Boston Terrier puppy ocean

Stelly and I - our first day

It’s been a long journey to find our Boston Terrier puppy.

Mr BTR and I have been together 6 years and we’ve spent most of that time traveling and renting our home. We finally purchased our first home just before Christmas, 1.5 years after returning home from our working holiday in Canada (where Mr BTR’s origins lie) and were finally able to get the puppy we had wanted for so long.

As you may have read from my previous post, there were many hurdles and heartbreak before we finally found our pup.

People told us we were crazy not only to drive that far to get a puppy but to pay the expensive price for a Boston Terrier pup in Australia (a rare breed here).

We were told many things (usually in a condescending way) including arguments such as:

  • “That’s a ridiculous price to pay for a dog”
  • “You should get a rescue dog – the pounds are full of them”
  • “You realise that a puppy is like having a baby don’t you?”
  • “You should be putting that money towards a wedding”
  • “You should be buying a boat, not a dog”
  • “You can forget traveling now”
  • “What’s wrong with [insert person’s breed of choice] dogs?”
  • “You’ve got a mortgage now and shouldn’t be spending that money plus the ongoing costs”
  • “It’s just a bloody dog”

The last point really sums up all of the arguments.

If you’re telling me that a Boston Terrier is just a dog then you just don’t get it.

The real argument is that if it’s not a Boston Terrier, it’s just a dog. Right?

That’s why I created Boston Terriers Rock, because I wanted to create an online community where to share experiences with people who get it and I know you’d like to do the same.

So I could spend all day explaining why the Boston Terrier was the only breed for us and about the 12+ months we spent researching the breed to make sure she would suit our lifestyle, personalities and be a good family dog (for when we need that).

But this story has a happy ending after a journey including 2348km (1459 miles) of driving, 3 days of travel, 2 Australian states and the adoption of Stelly – our beautiful little Boston pup.

(Full image gallery at the end of the post)

Day 1 – An Early Rise To Start Our Journey

NSW South Coast – Crescent Head – South West Rocks – Iluka – Ballina

Sunrise on the road

Dawn breaks a few hours into our adventure

It was a very early 3:30am when the alarm went off after a night without much sleep but we were determined to hit the road as early as possible to beat the Sydney traffic and have time to stop and enjoy the beaches of the NSW coast on the first leg of our road trip.

We made great time and managed to get past Newcastle just as dawn was breaking – we’d escaped rush hour.

We made a quick pit stop in Taree and then continued up the coast until we reached the scenic route just past Port Macquarie, stopping to marvel at the beaches of Crescent Head and South West Rocks. There’s also a pic in the gallery below of a really cool little cafe that we unfortunately couldn’t taste test as they only accepted cash.

We hit the road again and made a quick stop for lunch in a strange little town called Macksville and then we powered up the coast, past the Big Banana to a very quiet little coastal town Iluka on the Clarence River for a little beach fishing.

We didn’t catch anything but managed to get a little sun burnt in the 45mins we were there. It was beautiful though.

Last stop on day 1 was Mr BTR’s parents home in Ballina in Northern NSW where we caught up and prepared for another early start.

Day 2 – Adoption Day

Ballina – Ipswich (QLD) – Kingscliff (NSW) – Byron Bay – Ballina

Boston Terrier Stelly at the beach

Stelly's first beach experience

Another early start at 5:00am and again a rather sleepless night as we were both so excited to be picking up our pup.

We hit the road and set off for Queensland so we could meet Stelly as early as possible.

We arrived at the breeders home at around 8:00am after a 3 hour drive and were greeted at the door by the breeder with a much smaller than expected Stelly in her arms.

Our voices immediately went up an octave with all of our “oh she’s so beautiful” etc comments but, she really was the cutest little thing I’d ever seen and we were both immediately smitten with her.

The breeder was lovely and chatted with us for a while but I must admit I don’t think I heard much of it as I couldn’t keep my eyes off Stelly.

We were told that Stelly was the smallest in the litter but that didn’t stop her bossing her brothers and sisters around and she was proving that by winning a tug of war with her brother over a pair of thongs (of the shoe kind).

Finally we put Stelly into her travel crate and got back on the road. She only whimpered for about 20 seconds and then went to sleep until we arrived in Kingscliff.

Kingscliff took my breath away. It’s a smallish coastal town which I prefer over the main tourist spots and the beaches are incredible, the pics below really don’t do it justice but it was the perfect place to introduce Stelly to our beach lifestyle.

We then headed off to Byron Bay. to grab some lunch. Byron Bay is home to stunning beaches, a lighthouse on the most easterly point of Australia and a surfer town with a hippie vibe.

Unfortunately Stelly wasn’t too fond on Byron Bay and was scared of all the people so we got back in the car and went to the next coastal town in Lennox Head to grab a bite before heading back to Ballina.

Day 3 – Chillin in Ballina and Bonding With Stelly

stelly boston terrier cuddles

Breaking rule #1

Day 3 was spent relaxing, visiting the local farmers market (where Stelly was a hit) watching movie and tonnes of cuddles and bonding with Stelly.

We were both so amazing by how much love this little pup has to give and how well behaved she is.

Stelly slept in our room and didn’t make a sound all night. We broke rule number 1 immediately that morning and had her curl up at our legs in bed whilst we all went back to sleep.

Day 4 – Driving Stelly Home

Ballina – Coffs Harbour – Port Macquarie – Home

stelly boston terrier home

Stelly's finally home - her favourite spot in the sun

Another early morning departure at 5:30am but this time we were bringing our precious little pup home.

Stelly was fine with the drive for the first couple of hours but then just before Coffs Harbour she was car sick. We felt terrible for her and incredibly guilty for taking her on such a long drive but she was fine after that.

The weather was not so great and we stopped in Port Macquarie to stretch our legs at the beach and have some fun with Stelly. Just as we were leaving the rain started.

We continued for the long stretch home and were so excited when after over 11 hours we had made it.

She seemed comfortable right away, sniffing out her new home and finding her new favourite spots to nap.

It was the most amazing feeling to have her in our new home that we had worked so hard for. She truly makes us feel like we are a family now.

(Share your story in the comments below)

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What’s The Story Behind Your Boston Terrier Search?

I know we aren’t the only crazy ones out there so let us know in the comments what experiences you had in your search for a Boston Terrier.

Did you come across opinionated people like we did?

Did you travel a crazy distance?

Was it just the incredible feeling you got from adopting your puppy?

Please share below.

boston terrier picture puppy

Searching For Our Boston Puppy – Hurdles and Heartbreak

Ever since living next door to the most adorable little Boston Terrier in Canada, Mr BTR and I have wanted to adopt our own Boston Terrier puppy.

So what’s been the hold up you ask?

We were living in Canada as part of a working holiday and since being back in Australia we have been renting and unable to adopt a puppy.

Finally this year we managed to buy our own home on the South Coast of NSW, Australia and we are now officially on the search for the Boston Terrier puppy that we have wanted for years.

Hurdles and Heartbreak

boston terrier picture puppy searching

Searching for our puppy

It’s not easy to find a Boston Terrier in Australia as they are not a popular dog breed and are relatively unknown (which adds to their cool factor in my eyes).

In our search for a puppy we have encountered many scams despite how careful we thought we were being. I am not only a very skeptical person by nature but I’m very web savvy so it really caught me by surprise when I discovered we had been scammed.

Mr BTR and I had been wanting to adopt a puppy for years and now that we were finally in a position to have a puppy we got carried away with our emotions and it drowned out the warning signs. Mr BTR was taking care of the correspondence with the ‘breeder’ we found online and there were a few things that I raised as being odd. But, it’s amazing how when you want something so badly your emotions cloud reality.

We got to the point where we had arranged for the puppy to be sent from interstate, sent the money to the ‘breeder’ and Mr BTR had bought a special little puppy bed, collar, puppy bowls and toys ready to pick up our pup in the afternoon. We were just waiting to be sent the flight information so we could pick her up and bring her home where we would be a family.

We never received the flight details. In fact, we didn’t hear anything at all.

I had that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and I new it wasn’t right even early in the morning. I didn’t waste any time and reported it straight away.

PayPal – Our Saving Grace

Luckily, I had insisted on using PayPal (they had of course wanted to use Western Union … ding ding) and even spelled out to the scammer that I would only use PayPal as it would ensure that if they weren’t legit that I would get my money back and they would get nothing. I thought that would make them give up but they didn’t.

I raised a dispute through PayPal and received a stern email from a lady who the scammer had clearly been grooming for some time. She was convinced that she was being sent his money and she needed to transfer it to a ‘charity’ in Nigeria. Hello!

I duly but also respectfully informed her of the situation and she was very apologetic. PayPal were fantastic (no I’m not an affiliate for them) and as she had confirmed it was a scam the money was refunded to me within 24 hours.

Despite not losing any money, we lost a fair bit of pride and we felt sick that we’d been scammed and bloody stupid that we allowed ourselves to believe it despite our better judgement.

It just goes to show how easily you can be manipulated when it comes to matters of the heart.

Moving On – A New Litter On It’s Way!

So we dusted ourselves off and found some reputable breeders in the state with one about an hour drive away who was expecting a litter within a few weeks. We patiently sat back and anxiously waited to hear from the breeder that the pups have been born and we could come to meet them.

But before we can adopt a puppy we have to go through the red tape.

We live in a townhouse with a decent sized yard and although we own our home it is under strata so we have to get approval from the other residents and the strata board which involves writing a letter detailing our request and as much detail about the breed as possible. Our neighbour has a Jack Russel so if they’ve allowed their dog there can’t be any reason to not allow a well-mannered Boston Terrier.

Also, many breeders in Australia like to interview and have you complete forms stating how often you’ll be at home with the dog, what kind of home you live in and a whole bunch of other questions. It’s a good sign that the breeders really care about the Bostons and want to make sure they go to a good home so fingers crossed we pass with flying colours!

Silence … Again

A few weeks had passed and the puppies should’ve been born but we had heard nothing from the breeder. We weren’t far away from them and wanted to go and at least meet the dogs but as it was over Christmas we just couldn’t seem to get anything solid out of the breeder.

So we finally called back and were very sadly told that they had lost the litter, the dog had miscarried.

It was devastating. It now felt helpless, like it wasn’t meant to be.

A Glimmer Of Hope

Today I found the one and only listing in Australia (for a reputable breeder) for a Boston Terrier puppy, on Valentines Day.

I spoke to the breeder and the puppies are 5 weeks old and will be ready for pick up in 3 weeks. There are 3 boys and 2 girls.

They are a 12 hour drive north but if all goes to plan and we finally end up with a puppy it will be worth every minute of the drive!

So, now we just need to get the paperwork sorted and wait to meet the pup that we will hopefully adopt very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Did you have similar hardship when trying to adopt a puppy?
Share your experience in the comments section below.

Image via: Zsa Zsa Bellagio