Searching For Our Boston Terrier Puppy: We Found Her!

Stelly our Boston Terrier Puppy We’ve been on the search for our Boston Terrier puppy for a while now and have encountered many hurdles and heartbreak.

We live in Australia and Boston Terriers are rare here and very hard to find. There are only about 33 breeders in the country and they only breed when they want a show dog.

We’ve been so close and then it’s fallen through but things are looking up. We’ve found our puppy!

Introducing Stelly – Our Boston Puppy

After contacting almost every breeder and constantly being told that they don’t have any puppies it was looking like we wouldn’t find one for months.

Then, I checked the breeder pages expecting nothing as usual but to my surprise a breeder had listed a new litter of puppies!

I immediately contacted the breeder and she confirmed that she had 3 boys and 2 girls. We really wanted a girl but one of the girls had already been sold.

There was just one dilemma. The breeder lives in Queensland and it would be a 13 hour drive to pick up the puppy … The puppies were also more expensive than we had anticipated.

After some thought and discussion Mr BTR and I decided to just go for it. After all it could be months before another breeder decides to start breeding and there is also the chance that there would be no girls in the litter or they have a waiting list.

So, the next day we called the breeder and confirmed that we wanted to adopt the remaining little girl.

Why Name Her Stelly?

We lived in Canada (Mr BTR’s home country) for a year in a 1950’s log cabin and our neighbour’s had a Boston Terrier.

I had never seen a Boston Terrier before and when she ran into our yard I was immediately smitten with her cute look, friendly nature and personality.

We also have many fond memories of our time in Canada and in the log cabin so it just felt right that when we adopt our puppy that we would name her after that gorgeous little dog as a reminder of our time there.

The Road Trip

Considering it’s such a huge drive we decided to take a few days and make a trip out of it. We’ll be heading off in 3 weeks on our road trip and we’ll be taking the coastal route up to Queensland and stopping at some cool little beach towns along the way.

Stay tuned, I’ll be putting together a short video of our road trip and our first meeting with our puppy Stelly.

Fingers crossed the time flies!

So what do you think of her name and the long trip we’re taking to adopt her? What lengths did you go to in adopting your puppy?

Share your thoughts in the comments below