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Searching For Our Boston Puppy – Hurdles and Heartbreak

Ever since living next door to the most adorable little Boston Terrier in Canada, Mr BTR and I have wanted to adopt our own Boston Terrier puppy.

So what’s been the hold up you ask?

We were living in Canada as part of a working holiday and since being back in Australia we have been renting and unable to adopt a puppy.

Finally this year we managed to buy our own home on the South Coast of NSW, Australia and we are now officially on the search for the Boston Terrier puppy that we have wanted for years.

Hurdles and Heartbreak

boston terrier picture puppy searching

Searching for our puppy

It’s not easy to find a Boston Terrier in Australia as they are not a popular dog breed and are relatively unknown (which adds to their cool factor in my eyes).

In our search for a puppy we have encountered many scams despite how careful we thought we were being. I am not only a very skeptical person by nature but I’m very web savvy so it really caught me by surprise when I discovered we had been scammed.

Mr BTR and I had been wanting to adopt a puppy for years and now that we were finally in a position to have a puppy we got carried away with our emotions and it drowned out the warning signs. Mr BTR was taking care of the correspondence with the ‘breeder’ we found online and there were a few things that I raised as being odd. But, it’s amazing how when you want something so badly your emotions cloud reality.

We got to the point where we had arranged for the puppy to be sent from interstate, sent the money to the ‘breeder’ and Mr BTR had bought a special little puppy bed, collar, puppy bowls and toys ready to pick up our pup in the afternoon. We were just waiting to be sent the flight information so we could pick her up and bring her home where we would be a family.

We never received the flight details. In fact, we didn’t hear anything at all.

I had that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and I new it wasn’t right even early in the morning. I didn’t waste any time and reported it straight away.

PayPal – Our Saving Grace

Luckily, I had insisted on using PayPal (they had of course wanted to use Western Union … ding ding) and even spelled out to the scammer that I would only use PayPal as it would ensure that if they weren’t legit that I would get my money back and they would get nothing. I thought that would make them give up but they didn’t.

I raised a dispute through PayPal and received a stern email from a lady who the scammer had clearly been grooming for some time. She was convinced that she was being sent his money and she needed to transfer it to a ‘charity’ in Nigeria. Hello!

I duly but also respectfully informed her of the situation and she was very apologetic. PayPal were fantastic (no I’m not an affiliate for them) and as she had confirmed it was a scam the money was refunded to me within 24 hours.

Despite not losing any money, we lost a fair bit of pride and we felt sick that we’d been scammed and bloody stupid that we allowed ourselves to believe it despite our better judgement.

It just goes to show how easily you can be manipulated when it comes to matters of the heart.

Moving On – A New Litter On It’s Way!

So we dusted ourselves off and found some reputable breeders in the state with one about an hour drive away who was expecting a litter within a few weeks. We patiently sat back and anxiously waited to hear from the breeder that the pups have been born and we could come to meet them.

But before we can adopt a puppy we have to go through the red tape.

We live in a townhouse with a decent sized yard and although we own our home it is under strata so we have to get approval from the other residents and the strata board which involves writing a letter detailing our request and as much detail about the breed as possible. Our neighbour has a Jack Russel so if they’ve allowed their dog there can’t be any reason to not allow a well-mannered Boston Terrier.

Also, many breeders in Australia like to interview and have you complete forms stating how often you’ll be at home with the dog, what kind of home you live in and a whole bunch of other questions. It’s a good sign that the breeders really care about the Bostons and want to make sure they go to a good home so fingers crossed we pass with flying colours!

Silence … Again

A few weeks had passed and the puppies should’ve been born but we had heard nothing from the breeder. We weren’t far away from them and wanted to go and at least meet the dogs but as it was over Christmas we just couldn’t seem to get anything solid out of the breeder.

So we finally called back and were very sadly told that they had lost the litter, the dog had miscarried.

It was devastating. It now felt helpless, like it wasn’t meant to be.

A Glimmer Of Hope

Today I found the one and only listing in Australia (for a reputable breeder) for a Boston Terrier puppy, on Valentines Day.

I spoke to the breeder and the puppies are 5 weeks old and will be ready for pick up in 3 weeks. There are 3 boys and 2 girls.

They are a 12 hour drive north but if all goes to plan and we finally end up with a puppy it will be worth every minute of the drive!

So, now we just need to get the paperwork sorted and wait to meet the pup that we will hopefully adopt very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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Image via: Zsa Zsa Bellagio