Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

What should I feed my new puppy?

Today’s member question comes from Nicole who is adopting a puppy and wondering what to feed her puppy.

I’m adopting a BT puppy I will be a fist time puppy mom and can’t find a good source on what kind of dog food to feed my new baby, any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks Nicole

Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

I don’t think donuts are on the menu … source: Ayumi Horie

Hi Nicole,

Congratulations on your new puppy!

You’ll have to slowly transition your pup from the food the breeder is feeding so start with that and then slowly cut down that food while introducing the new food in small quantities.

If you are wanting to feed kibble I suggest finding a puppy kibble that is grain free and contains real meat not filler or “meal”. I mix a grain free kibble with BARF raw food that I get from the freezer section of the pet store.

You can also feed fresh mince with some cooked veg like pumpkin, sweet potato etc (not canned).

Let me know how you go and please send a pic!


Puppy Food – Grain Free

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

I have found some grain free puppy food* that may be suitable for you on Amazon. I haven’t used these specific brands as I am not based in the U.S. so please do your own research but from what I can see these brands don’t use fillers or ‘meal’ so if home made food isn’t an option these could work well for your puppy.

Do you have any tips for Nicole? What did you feed your pup? Share in the comments below.

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boston terrier puppy

Help Save Molly! My Wife Wants To Give Up Our Puppy

One of Boston Terriers Rock community members wrote to me asking for advice. Paul (@paul-mcdonagh) is in a sticky situation where his wife has recently had a baby and their Boston Terrier puppy Molly is acting like she has the terrible two’s.

Due to this Paul’s wife wants to give Molly up.

Hi Elise,
My wife wants to give up our Molly who is an adorable 18mnt Boston Terrier. we have just had a baby and my wife said Molly is too much for her to handle at home. we have another dog (lap dog who is mummy’s boy Malti-poo) who gets annoyed with Molly wanting to play, so he barks. we also have to crate Molly when we are not at home and at night because she started to chew up the carpet and sheds on our bed. i am 100% behind keeping Molly, but what can i do to change the situation? any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve done my best to give some advice on how he may be able to keep Molly but we’d really love for you to add your advice in the comments too.

This is a tricky situation you have here

boston terrier molly

Little 18 month old Molly

Do you have a backyard or do you live in an apartment?

First and foremost you have to think as if you were in your wife’s situation (which I’m sure you have). Having a baby especially if it’s your first child is a huge adjustment and your wife has spent the past 10 months whilst pregnant (yes it’s technically 10 months) losing some of her nutrients to bub, growing, not getting much sleep, being uncomfortable and then going through the marathon which is the birth. So when the baby arrives she is already exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Add to that, the hormones that are going crazy, trying to work out how to care for a newborn and get up throughout the night etc.

Now you know all of this but I really just wanted to emphasize that she is tired.

So when your little puppy Molly wants attention she isn’t getting it as your wife is likely struggling to find 5 minutes for herself. So, Molly starts being a little naughty to get the attention.

This will put further stress on your wife and could be why she’s at the point where she wants to give Molly up. She has no reserves left after caring for your baby.

So, now that we are clear on where your wife may be coming from what can you do to help the situation?

My advice would be to take as much of the burden off your wife as possible.

How do you do this?

  • Take The Dog For A long Walk Morning and Night
    Molly wants to play and has energy to burn so by taking her for a run in the morning and when you get home at night she’s getting her play time and burning up that energy so she’ll be less likely to be bored and ripping up carpet and trying to get your wife and other dog’s attention as she’ll be lazing around.
  • Help With Chores
    I know you are probably working all day but your wife’s job is 24/7 so make sure you are doing your share of the cleaning etc so that your wife has a little breathing space for me time.
  • Put The Dog In The Yard
    If you have a backyard get a dog kennel for Molly and have her sleep in the yard so you don’t have to worry about crating her or her tearing up your house.
  • Give Molly A Bone
    Giving Molly a bone to chew in the day will keep her occupied and out of your wife’s hair and she’ll be ready for a walk when you get home
  • Try and Catch Pup Being Naughty
    My breeder said the best way to stop your dog doing naughty things is to catch them in the act and discipline them. Verbally that is not physically. Easier said than done but try and catch her chewing the carpet.

All of the above suggestions are geared at easing the burden on your wife and keeping Molly happy and your wife happy.

I’m sure your wife loves Molly and doesn’t want to have to give her up but there is simply too much on her plate and Molly is low on her priority list.

If you want to keep Molly, you need to ease that burden. It will take effort but I know you can do it!

We are all here to support you!

What Are Your Suggestions For Paul?

Do you have any advice you can share with Paul?

Give him a hand and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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