Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

The Healing Power of a Little Blue-Eyed Puppy

I spotted this picture of Annie being snuck into hospital on our Pinterst community board posted by one of our Boston Terriers Rock community members and I had to know more!

Deva very kindly shared her touching story of her families heartbreak after losing both their Boston Terriers and how their little puppy Annie has bought love and healing into their lives. (Share your story in the comments below).

Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

Annie being snuck into hospital to meet her new mum

My love for Bostons started when my sister got hers, 10 years ago. I had to have one, but, instead brought home 2! Precious baby girls!

At the age of 7, they both were diagnosed with lymphoma and I lost them both within 6 months. It was like losing children for me. A few months passed, and we rescued a Boston Terrier mix, Pepper. He’s an amazing dog! But, still I felt an emptiness in my heart.

Since May, I’ve had 4 surgeries and several invasive procedures. My husband decided as a get well and motivation present, to get me a puppy. We found Annie and I fell in love with her instantly!

They drove over 2 hours to get her, late at night. My husband called me and said, “are you sure you want this one, she has a scar on her forehead, already. She’s the runt too.” It made me more sure that she was the one for me, as I have so many physical, emotional, and mental scars. So, they brought her home and sneaked her into my hospital room. I came home the next day.

I’m getting stronger and better every day! And, I have to say, Annie is a big contributing factor! She and Pepper are amazing together! She has completed my family! Small, odd markings, blue eye, and all! I have a son as well, who is 6. He has fallen in live with her too!

At 3 months, she owns all of us! Definitely, a happy ending!

– Deva

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Top 11 ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics’ on Pinterest

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It’s so cool to see all the pups in their environments, what they get up to and the funny dog clothes and costumes their parents sometimes dress them in (yep I’m guilty as charged too …). So I thought I’d share with you my top 10 (I spotted another one and couldn’t resist adding it!) 11 pics from the bunch.

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