Boston Terrier at the beach

Stelly and I at the beach

I never had a pet dog when I was a child. I didn’t feel I was missing out and I was actually afraid of most dogs. My grandmother bought me 2 zebra finches for my 9th birthday without telling my mum (I don’t think she was very impressed) and I loved them dearly. Unfortunately I had the occasional escapee when I cleaned their cage and it was devastating.

Eventually they died and were never replaced but I had experienced what it was like to have a pet, to love and care for that pet and I think that is important for kids to experience.

My Husband – Desperate For A 4-Legged Companion

Boston Terrier engagement photo

First family portrait

My husband was raised in Canada with pets. He had a dog (Sammi) that he had grown up with but when he moved to Australia as a teenager he had to leave Sammi in the good care of his grandparents.

Since I’ve known him he has longed for a pet dog but we’ve never been in a position to adopt one and to be honest, I wasn’t really keen on the idea.

I was concerned about the cost, I was afraid of having a house that smelled of dog, I was concerned about what to do with the dog when we went away but most of all, I was concerned about having a dog if we decided to start a family. As I mentioned before, I was a little afraid of dogs.

The Working Holiday in Canada That Changed It All

In 2009 my boyfriend and I moved to Canada for a year and we lived in a rustic cabin near a ski field in Ontario. It was in this cabin that I first saw a Boston Terrier.

Our neighbours had a daughter and a Boston Terrier that was clearly her best friend. There aren’t many Boston Terriers in Australia and I had never seen one before but, once I saw their Boston, I was smitten.

It was such a cute dog and I loved that they stay nice and small but aren’t the typical yappy ankle biter. They are so full of character and are such good family dogs. I was convinced and we decided that once we were back in Australia and had bought our own home we would adopt a Boston Terrier.

And the journey has only just begun …

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