The Boston Terrier temperament can be summed up as fun, lively, intelligent and full of love and kisses.

If you are planning on adopting a Boston Terrier, it’s best to know all about its temperament so you know exactly the type of dog you will be accepting into your family.

The Quirky Personality of a Boston Terrier

boston terrier temperament

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The Boston Terrier temperament is quite quirky and they each have a unique and full personality. They are intelligent and gentle, but at the same time are quite determined and confident.

Boston Terriers march to the beat of their own drum and whilst they will do anything to make you happy, they think for themselves and won’t wait around for you to make a decision for them. But, it’s this intelligence, quirkiness and cool style that makes the Boston Terrier such a great companion.

Training A Boston Terrier

A trained Boston Terrier is a much happier dog as they know what to expect from their owner and how to behave to keep you happy and form a better relationship.

These dogs are intelligent and can be stubborn however, they will usually respond to reward. Overall they always try to please their master so you will get there.

It is best to train your Boston Terrier from an early age as when started as a pup the training does not require as much time and effort. They are not only capable of learning tricks easily, but can also develop good behaviour. So, if you don’t want your Boston Terrier to bark unnecessarily, you should get in early and teach him this etiquette as a puppy.

Similarly, these dogs can be taught how to behave with elderly people and young children quite easily as they have a very gentle and friendly nature.

Although, at times training your Boston Terrier may seem daunting, with patience and perseverance you’ll be pleased with the effective results.

How Boston Terriers Adapt to Family Life

Boston Terriers love company and need to be part of a family (big or small) to grow and thrive.

They have a happy-go-lucky and friendly nature and for this reason have in modern times been bred for companionship. Your Boston Terrier will get along well with children, the elderly and other pets especially if you socialize the dog appropriately from a young age.

Activity Levels of a Boston Terrier

Today, the Boston Terrier is much smaller in size than its ancestors and requires only moderate exercise to maintain its optimum fitness. Boston Terriers don’t need big houses with a play field and are more than happy to stay active indoors. This makes them a great choice of dog for people who live in apartments.

Although, they still need a commitment to play and exercise as well as human interaction to live a healthy and long life.

How will my Boston Terrier Behave?

Enthusiasm defines the basic temperament of Boston Terriers. They can lead a happy and active life even in small apartments as long as they are walked regularly.

Boston Terriers are pretty playful and affectionate dogs and have no issue roaming around with other pets and family members. Being an affectionate dog, Boston Terriers can be highly sensitive towards the tone of a person’s voice and they know when you are sad, happy or angry and behave accordingly.

What type of people are Boston Terriers suited to?
These dogs love human interaction and are very well mannered when trained and socialized appropriately.

Boston Terriers are the perfect companions for almost anyone but are particularly well suited to the elderly or a family with small kids and will often find have their favourite resting place right in your lap.

Also, due to their short hair and light shedding they are well suited to people with allergies.

Boston Terriers Are Not a typical Yappy Small Dog

Whilst Boston Terriers are small they are not a typical ankle biter and won’t yap or bark without reason. A well trained Boston will usually only bark when required.

How Does A Boston Terrier Cope With Being Alone?

The Boston Terrier’s temperament allows them to mature and grow within a family environment. They consider themselves as a strong member of the family and love to be with you as much as possible. Therefore, they can have problems coping with loneliness and may suffer separation anxiety if you are away for an extended period of time.

It is advised that they should not be left alone often or else they can become stubborn and aggressive.

Problems with Boston Terriers

If these dogs are not trained or are left neglected, they can develop ‘small dog syndrome’, wherein the dog may believe that it is the pack leader of humans.

In such cases, the dog may try to display authority over your family members or other dogs. But don’t worry, this eccentric behaviour can be easily avoided through proper training and love.

Boston Terriers are affectionate, stylish dogs that will become a strong and much loved member of your family.