The Boston Terrier is a good looking sidekick dressed to impress with their tuxedo markings and exuding style with a quirky personality that is well-mannered and never snooty.

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Over the years, Boston Terriers have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and whilst originally descended from grand old English stock the Boston Terrier is all-American and one of the only breeds to be developed in the United States.

These dogs are intelligent, lively, affectionate, loyal and gentle in nature but it is their distinctive markings that have lead to them being known as the ‘American Gentlemen’ of the dog world.

Despite the name, Boston Terriers are technically not a terrier. Originally bred from a Bulldog and the (now extinct) White English Terrier, these compact dogs are quite muscular and have a square appearance. The breed originated in 1970 and holds a high place on the AKC League Tables.

If you are planning on adopting or just want to know more about Boston Terrier, read on and discover more about this breed and whether you are the right person or household to give these dogs a family life.

What Does A Boston Terrier Look Like?

The Boston Terrier looks like a clean cut American gentleman dressed to the nines in a tuxedo. They are a small, compact dog with a short, square and quite muscular appearance including a broad chest that defines their strong physicality.

It’s their head that sets this breed apart from other dogs and really gives it personality. Their head has a square appearance with flat cheeks and a well-defined stop (where the nose joins the skull). They have a short muzzle with a black nose. Their large wide-set and round dark eyes provide a soft and loving contrast to their quirky pointy ears, which stand up.

Boston Terriers have a short, fine textured coat that sheds very little and requires minimal grooming. The breed standard lists the colors as:

  • Brindle (a pattern of black and lighter colored hairs which produce irregular stripes)
  • Seal (black with a red cast in the sun)
  • Black

All colors include white markings in fact; it is not classified as a Boston Terrier unless it is of the above-mentioned colors with white markings as defined by the breed standard.

Boston Terriers have a height of 15-17 inches on an average and weigh around 12-25 pounds.

These good looks will also give you plenty of photo opportunities. Learn How To Instagram Your Way To Aww Inspiring Pics of Your Boston Terrier and you’ll have an endless supply of stunning pics.

About a Boston Terrier’s Nature

Boston Terriers have their own quirks and are full of personality, love and affection. They only require moderate exercise and prefer snuggling on your lap and providing lots of kisses.

They are devoted dogs that cherish family life and their friendly nature has resulted in them being well known to be very good with children and as a great companion for the elderly.

These dogs are also gentle, alert and very intelligent. Even in their gentleness, these dogs are firm, confident and can sound quite aggressive (until they are seen) making them good watchdogs although they are more likely to want to hang out indoors with you.

Temperament of a Boston Terrier

What you may not know about Boston Terrier temperament is that they are friendly and lively little dogs (but in a nice, not a yappy ankle biter way).

Boston Terriers require only moderate exercise and even while living in a small apartment, can lead an active life (for a Boston) as they are playful without going crazy and therefore make great pets and family members.

As they are very affectionate, they tend to be very sensitive to one’s tone of voice. A Boston Terrier will know whether you are happy, sad or angry and will cheer you up. But at the same time, some can develop the small dog syndrome, wherein the dog may believe that he is the pack leader of humans. In such cases, the dog may try to display authority over your family or other dogs.

But don’t worry; this eccentric behaviour is easily avoidable by displaying your leadership around the dog, by teaching him and training him about how to behave at early stages. This will make your Boston Terrier a more alert and well mannered dog.

Boston Terriers whilst small are definitely not a ‘yappy’ dog as they only bark when necessary and they can get along well with non-canine pets.

The Ideal Life For A Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers crave for a family. Therefore, they love to play with their owners and kids. These dogs will charm you with their love and affection whilst making you laugh with their quirky personality. They have an excellent character and understand human emotions.

A Boston Terrier’s favourite posse is likely to be in your lap and they can thrive well in apartments or even large countryside homes. This is why we went to big lengths for our puppy, you can read about it here: 1459 miles + 4 Days + 2 States = Adopting Our New Puppy

Always make sure that you give your Boston Terrier the appropriate amount of mental and physical exercise, to ensure your Boston stays fit and healthy.

Caring for A Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers don’t need much care, just plenty of love. A daily walk for them is enough of an exercise if you allow him to play at home.

Their smooth, short haired coat is easy to groom and as they are average shredder you don’t need to do this often, just comb and brush with firm bristle when required.

BT’s are one of the few dog breeds that don’t have a body odour so you’ll only need to bathe them when necessary which is usually about once a month or so but you can use a damp cloth to wipe their face if required.

They do need some training from their owners to teach them certain acceptable behaviour or tricks but this is not hard. Optimum mental exercise makes them more alert and intelligent and it is their intelligence that makes them easy to train.

The only special care required is that you keep them cool when outdoors in warm weather.

Health and Life Expectancy

Most Boston Terriers live for about 12 years on average, but some may live even longer.

Eye problems are one of the main health concerns for Boston Terrier’s as they can be prone to cataracts, cherry eyes and dry eyes. Although most breeders are careful to select dogs for breeding to limited the chances of hereditary health issues.

Don’t push your BT too hard with exercise as they can have breathing difficulties due to their short muzzle.

As their eyes are prominent, you need to protect them from injuries by removing large twigs and such from your yard. Except for this, Boston Terriers do not suffer from any major health issues.

There is much more to learn about Boston Terrier but overall, they are affectionate, stylish dogs that will likely to emerge as a strong member of your family.