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What should I feed my new puppy?

Today’s member question comes from Nicole who is adopting a puppy and wondering what to feed her puppy. Hi, I’m adopting a BT puppy I will be a fist time puppy mom and can’t find a good source on what kind of dog food to feed my new baby, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks […]

The Meaning Of Love – Taught by Dogs

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog Boston Terrier” – Gene Hill Before I owned a Boston Terrier (or in fact any dog as Stelly is my first) I could never have fathomed the amount of pure, unconditional love that a dog can give and perhaps even more surprising […]

Boston Terrier Slippers – For Humans!

I spotted these Boston Terrier slippers on Amazon and just couldn’t resist sharing with you all – they not only look really comfy but far out they are cute, in a cool kinda way! These dog breed slippers from Fuzzy Nation come in a few different breeds (including pugs) but of course the cutest of […]

The Healing Power of a Little Blue-Eyed Puppy

I spotted this picture of Annie being snuck into hospital on our Pinterst community board posted by one of our Boston Terriers Rock community members and I had to know more! Deva very kindly shared her touching story of her families heartbreak after losing both their Boston Terriers and how their little puppy Annie has […]

Top 11 ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics’ on Pinterest

We have a community board on Pinterest ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics‘ where you can be added as a contributor and add photos of your boston terrier and it’s got quite the collection going. It’s so cool to see all the pups in their environments, what they get up to and the funny dog clothes […]

A Sneak Peek Of Our Wedding

A few months ago I married my soul mate. It really was the most beautiful day of my life. Our little Boston Terrier Stelly is so special to us and really made us feel like a family so naturally we wanted to include her in our wedding ceremony. We had planned a beautiful relaxed ceremony […]

Happy 1st Birthday Stelly!

January 17 marked the day that our little Boston Terrier puppy became an adult – little Stelly turned 1! It’s been such an amazing journey since we first travelled 1459 miles + 4 days + 2 states to adopt our puppy. We are more attached to her than I ever thought possible and she is […]

Engagement Photos Starring Stelly Our Boston Terrier

So it’s been a while between posts here at Boston Terriers Rock. Between getting engaged and planning a wedding, to being laid off a few weeks before Christmas it’s been pretty crazy in my neck of the woods but with my extra time I’m trying to get my own business up and running finally. It’s […]

Help Save Molly! My Wife Wants To Give Up Our Puppy

One of Boston Terriers Rock community members wrote to me asking for advice. Paul (@paul-mcdonagh) is in a sticky situation where his wife has recently had a baby and their Boston Terrier puppy Molly is acting like she has the terrible two’s. Due to this Paul’s wife wants to give Molly up. Hi Elise, My […]

Boston Terriers In Weddings: A Very Stylish Flavour Of Cute

What better way to show off your pup than a Boston Terrier wedding! By that I mean including them in your wedding, not marrying off your pet. Unique weddings that reflect a couples unique style and personality are definitely on trend and it’s a trend I hope will stick around. After all, a wedding should […]

A Picnic, A Puppy and A Supermoon

For nearly 2 years now I’ve wanted to watch the full moon rise over the beach but we always seem to forget or arrive too late but when I heard there was a Supermoon on Sunday I made sure we witnessed it. So we packed up a little picnic and the pup and the 3 […]

Dognapper! How Safe Is Your Dog?

Ever since we adopted our Boston Terrier puppy, one of the biggest concerns we have had is the fear of our precious little dog being stolen by a dognapper. It’s amazing how the mind works because I seem to be finding lot’s of dognapper stories lately and they are from all over the world. It […]

How To Leave Your Dog On A Rainy Day – Guilt Free

We had to leave our Boston Terrier puppy home alone on a rainy day. She’s scared of the rain. Find out how we trained her not to be afraid.

How To Instagram Your Way To Aww Inspiring Pics of Your Pup

Learn how to easily take jaw-dropping photos of your Boston Terrier that even people who don’t love dogs will ‘awww’ at

1459 miles + 4 Days + 2 States = Adopting Our New Puppy

Read about our journey up the east coast of Australia to adopt our Boston Terrier puppy and the hurdles along the way. Share your story .. It’s been a long journey to find our Boston Terrier puppy. As you may have read from my previous post, there were many hurdles and heartbreak before we finally found our pup.

People told us we were crazy not only to drive that far to get a puppy but to pay the expensive price for a Boston Terrier pup in Australia (a rare breed here).

57 Killer Reasons Why Boston Terriers Rock

What is it about the Boston Terrier that captivates so many people and creates such a deep passion? Find out 57 killer reasons here

Inspired By Colour: Products For Your Boston

Discover decor and accessories for your Boston Terrier, inspired by a color palette for chic decorating.

Searching For Our Boston Terrier Puppy: We Found Her!

We’ve been on the search for our Boston Terrier puppy for a while now but finally we’ve found our puppy! Meet our new puppy and her story

Dog Boarding – Dexter’s Amazing Skateboard Tricks

Watch Dexter the Boston Terrier rip it up with some pro skateboard tricks – it’s so cool you’ll do a double take. Watch the video now

Searching For Our Boston Puppy – Hurdles and Heartbreak

In our search for a puppy we have encountered many scams and disappointment. Read about our quest to adopt a Boston Terrier in Australia