Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

What should I feed my new puppy?

Today’s member question comes from Nicole who is adopting a puppy and wondering what to feed her puppy.

I’m adopting a BT puppy I will be a fist time puppy mom and can’t find a good source on what kind of dog food to feed my new baby, any suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks Nicole

Boston Terrier puppy eating a donut

I don’t think donuts are on the menu … source: Ayumi Horie

Hi Nicole,

Congratulations on your new puppy!

You’ll have to slowly transition your pup from the food the breeder is feeding so start with that and then slowly cut down that food while introducing the new food in small quantities.

If you are wanting to feed kibble I suggest finding a puppy kibble that is grain free and contains real meat not filler or “meal”. I mix a grain free kibble with BARF raw food that I get from the freezer section of the pet store.

You can also feed fresh mince with some cooked veg like pumpkin, sweet potato etc (not canned).

Let me know how you go and please send a pic!


Puppy Food – Grain Free

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

Dr Harveys oracle freeze dried raw dog food

I have found some grain free puppy food* that may be suitable for you on Amazon. I haven’t used these specific brands as I am not based in the U.S. so please do your own research but from what I can see these brands don’t use fillers or ‘meal’ so if home made food isn’t an option these could work well for your puppy.

Do you have any tips for Nicole? What did you feed your pup? Share in the comments below.

* This is an affiliate link which means if you purchase using my link I will get a small commission (about 4%) which helps to pay for the runnings costs of this site which provides free information and a free online community.

the meaning of love boston terrier

The Meaning Of Love – Taught by Dogs

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog Boston Terrier”
– Gene Hill

the meaning of love boston terrier

Before I owned a Boston Terrier (or in fact any dog as Stelly is my first) I could never have fathomed the amount of pure, unconditional love that a dog can give and perhaps even more surprising is the pure, unconditional love I have for her.

Before we traveled 1459 miles + 4 Days + 2 States to adopt our puppy I believed that dogs belong outside (at all times), don’t need fancy soft beds, certainly don’t need cool little dog jackets to keep them warm (hello they have fur) and they are just a little gross and can never be trusted.

Then I met a little Boston Terrier called Stelly. Not our Stelly but a Canadian Stelly (our neighbour’s dog) who was the first Boston Terrier I had ever seen and I was smitten. A fully grown dog that looks cool, is cute and kind but still looks like a puppy!

When we finally adopted our pup we named her after Canadian Stelly and from day 1 all of my rules and beliefs went right out the window!

Having my own dog has taught me so much about life – they have so much love but they are also very in tune with their instincts and can pick someone dodgy from a mile away – I find that so fascinating!

They don’t care if you’re having a bad hair day – when you are happy, they are happy and when you are sad they are right there cuddling up to make you feel better.

The world would be a much better place if we could learn to love humanity and the earth like they do.

What has your dog taught you about love? Share in the comments below.

boston terrier slippers

Boston Terrier Slippers – For Humans!

I spotted these Boston Terrier slippers on Amazon and just couldn’t resist sharing with you all – they not only look really comfy but far out they are cute, in a cool kinda way!

These dog breed slippers from Fuzzy Nation come in a few different breeds (including pugs) but of course the cutest of the bunch is the Boston Terrier version which features a cute little head on each foot, black outer fabric, a nice fur-like inner to keep your feet toasty and a cool red cross on the heel.

These slippers have the balance right between cute and cool and I want a pair of these puppies on my feet!

The reviews are all glowing and some mention the sizing runs a bit small so maybe order the next size up.

You can buy these slippers from Amazon.

Buy Now

*Note: the links to this product are affiliate links which mean if you decide to purchase the product Stelly and I get a little bit of pocket money to help keep this site running (and free). I only promote products that I like and that I believe my readers will love.

Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

The Healing Power of a Little Blue-Eyed Puppy

I spotted this picture of Annie being snuck into hospital on our Pinterst community board posted by one of our Boston Terriers Rock community members and I had to know more!

Deva very kindly shared her touching story of her families heartbreak after losing both their Boston Terriers and how their little puppy Annie has bought love and healing into their lives. (Share your story in the comments below).

Annie boston terrier puppy Deva

Annie being snuck into hospital to meet her new mum

My love for Bostons started when my sister got hers, 10 years ago. I had to have one, but, instead brought home 2! Precious baby girls!

At the age of 7, they both were diagnosed with lymphoma and I lost them both within 6 months. It was like losing children for me. A few months passed, and we rescued a Boston Terrier mix, Pepper. He’s an amazing dog! But, still I felt an emptiness in my heart.

Since May, I’ve had 4 surgeries and several invasive procedures. My husband decided as a get well and motivation present, to get me a puppy. We found Annie and I fell in love with her instantly!

They drove over 2 hours to get her, late at night. My husband called me and said, “are you sure you want this one, she has a scar on her forehead, already. She’s the runt too.” It made me more sure that she was the one for me, as I have so many physical, emotional, and mental scars. So, they brought her home and sneaked her into my hospital room. I came home the next day.

I’m getting stronger and better every day! And, I have to say, Annie is a big contributing factor! She and Pepper are amazing together! She has completed my family! Small, odd markings, blue eye, and all! I have a son as well, who is 6. He has fallen in live with her too!

At 3 months, she owns all of us! Definitely, a happy ending!

– Deva

Share Your Story

We’d love to hear your story too! Share in the comments below and we might feature your story on the blog.

Top 11 ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics’ on Pinterest

We have a community board on Pinterest ‘Share Your Boston Terrier Pics‘ where you can be added as a contributor and add photos of your boston terrier and it’s got quite the collection going.

It’s so cool to see all the pups in their environments, what they get up to and the funny dog clothes and costumes their parents sometimes dress them in (yep I’m guilty as charged too …). So I thought I’d share with you my top 10 (I spotted another one and couldn’t resist adding it!) 11 pics from the bunch.

If you’d like to add some of your pics you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up for your free profile on this site and post your pics right away!
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  6. Note: This board is only for pics of your actual dogs – please don’t post other pics as they will be deleted (there are other boards for that)

Can’t wait to see your pics! Contact me if you have any trouble.


A Sneak Peek Of Our Wedding

Dog Wedding collar rustic

Stelly doing what she does best – looking cute

A few months ago I married my soul mate. It really was the most beautiful day of my life. Our little Boston Terrier Stelly is so special to us and really made us feel like a family so naturally we wanted to include her in our wedding ceremony.

We had planned a beautiful relaxed ceremony on the beach with the sand between our toes and our puppy by our side. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans as we had terrible rain for the days leading up and on our wedding day …

I had planned for wet weather so we had a plan b for our wedding ceremony, and it was a lovely plan b so I was fine with that. The only thing that made tear up a little was the realisation that Stelly wouldn’t be able to be a part of our ceremony.

I had made her a cute little dog necklace for the wedding and our lovely neighbour who happens to be a photographer came over and took so photos of Mr BTR getting ready and some great pics of Stelly. So she did feel a part of our special day.

I really wanted to share a couple of the pictures with you guys. Some people thought we were a little crazy for wanting our dog to be in our wedding ceremony and I totally understand.

(click images for slideshow)

Photos of Stelly by: Bailey Photography
Wedding Photos by: The Simple Things Studio – view all our wedding photos on their blog
Wedding Decor and Cake: Soul Stories – Unique Weddings & Events

Before we adopted Stelly I was the same! In fact I can’t believe how much Stelly has changed me in that way. I had never had a dog for a pet and am a little scared of dogs (especially big ones) but I can really appreciate now just how much love they can give and how they really are an important part of the family.

So, did you have your dog in your wedding? Are you planning to include your dog or have you seen someone else include their dog in their wedding?

I’d love to hear your plans and stories!

Share in the comments below

Boston Terrier Birthday - Stelly

Happy 1st Birthday Stelly!

January 17 marked the day that our little Boston Terrier puppy became an adult – little Stelly turned 1!Boston Terrier birthday

It’s been such an amazing journey since we first travelled 1459 miles + 4 days + 2 states to adopt our puppy. We are more attached to her than I ever thought possible and she is so full of love it’s contagious.

There have been some trying times – many plants in our garden have been lost but that’s about as naughty as she gets. Stelly has clocked up many beach hours, her best puppy friend lives next door and we even now have another Boston Terrier playmate for her which is so cute.

She stole the show with our engagement photos and her next big milestone will be being a part of our wedding in 3 weeks (check out Boston Terriers in Weddings inspiration).

If you are still searching for a Boston Terrier puppy don’t stop trying – they are worth the wait and the cost.

We made a little dog food cake for her and gave her a new toy as a gift which she loved.

Here’s a collection of Stelly’s life so far:
(click images for slideshow)

How do you celebrate your dog’s birthdays?

Share in the comments below.

Engagement Photos Starring Stelly Our Boston Terrier

First family portrait

First family portrait

So it’s been a while between posts here at Boston Terriers Rock.

Between getting engaged and planning a wedding, to being laid off a few weeks before Christmas it’s been pretty crazy in my neck of the woods but with my extra time I’m trying to get my own business up and running finally. It’s been a dream of mine and now that I’ve been pushed it’s time to sink or swim! I’m hoping to slot in time for more regular posting here also so let me know what you’d like to see and read about here.

Anyway, I mentioned in an earlier post that I got engaged earlier this year and we decided to get some engagement photos to capture this happy and loved up time in our lives and also to get some nice photos that aren’t just in wedding attire.

We Were Blown Away By Our Engagement Photos!

Our photographers we so much fun and really friendly. We went back and forth before the shoot discussing locations and they spoiled us with 3 different locations with one being in burnt bushland close to where we live. We started the shoot at the beach near our house as we spend a lot of time there (it’s Stelly’s favourite spot) and where we got engaged. We ended the shoot at this amazing old railway about 20 minutes from our home which is like a lost little rainforest. It was so wet there and it took me so long to walk to the tunnel because I was afraid of sinking in the muddy water or slipping – I’ve never been great a climbing but I was determined and everyone was very patient with me! It was so worth it!

Naturally, our photos wouldn’t be complete without our puppy Stelly. She was the star of the shoot and a major hit with the photographers!

I really wanted to share some of these magic photo’s with you all (the photo’s with text are from our wedding website), mostly the ones of Stelly but I’ve slipped in a few others to show you to amazing work of Lisa and Pete at And A Day Photography (like them on Facebook for more of their goodness – and we are their cover pic!). Oh and for the Aussie’s these guys are in Sydney but they like to travel! Why not get some awesome shots of your pup too?

You can see more photos and our story on the popular wedding blog Style Me Pretty.

Let me know what you think in the comments

love me until the end of time





my favourite daydream





engagement photos














boston terrier puppy

Help Save Molly! My Wife Wants To Give Up Our Puppy

One of Boston Terriers Rock community members wrote to me asking for advice. Paul (@paul-mcdonagh) is in a sticky situation where his wife has recently had a baby and their Boston Terrier puppy Molly is acting like she has the terrible two’s.

Due to this Paul’s wife wants to give Molly up.

Hi Elise,
My wife wants to give up our Molly who is an adorable 18mnt Boston Terrier. we have just had a baby and my wife said Molly is too much for her to handle at home. we have another dog (lap dog who is mummy’s boy Malti-poo) who gets annoyed with Molly wanting to play, so he barks. we also have to crate Molly when we are not at home and at night because she started to chew up the carpet and sheds on our bed. i am 100% behind keeping Molly, but what can i do to change the situation? any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve done my best to give some advice on how he may be able to keep Molly but we’d really love for you to add your advice in the comments too.

This is a tricky situation you have here

boston terrier molly

Little 18 month old Molly

Do you have a backyard or do you live in an apartment?

First and foremost you have to think as if you were in your wife’s situation (which I’m sure you have). Having a baby especially if it’s your first child is a huge adjustment and your wife has spent the past 10 months whilst pregnant (yes it’s technically 10 months) losing some of her nutrients to bub, growing, not getting much sleep, being uncomfortable and then going through the marathon which is the birth. So when the baby arrives she is already exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Add to that, the hormones that are going crazy, trying to work out how to care for a newborn and get up throughout the night etc.

Now you know all of this but I really just wanted to emphasize that she is tired.

So when your little puppy Molly wants attention she isn’t getting it as your wife is likely struggling to find 5 minutes for herself. So, Molly starts being a little naughty to get the attention.

This will put further stress on your wife and could be why she’s at the point where she wants to give Molly up. She has no reserves left after caring for your baby.

So, now that we are clear on where your wife may be coming from what can you do to help the situation?

My advice would be to take as much of the burden off your wife as possible.

How do you do this?

  • Take The Dog For A long Walk Morning and Night
    Molly wants to play and has energy to burn so by taking her for a run in the morning and when you get home at night she’s getting her play time and burning up that energy so she’ll be less likely to be bored and ripping up carpet and trying to get your wife and other dog’s attention as she’ll be lazing around.
  • Help With Chores
    I know you are probably working all day but your wife’s job is 24/7 so make sure you are doing your share of the cleaning etc so that your wife has a little breathing space for me time.
  • Put The Dog In The Yard
    If you have a backyard get a dog kennel for Molly and have her sleep in the yard so you don’t have to worry about crating her or her tearing up your house.
  • Give Molly A Bone
    Giving Molly a bone to chew in the day will keep her occupied and out of your wife’s hair and she’ll be ready for a walk when you get home
  • Try and Catch Pup Being Naughty
    My breeder said the best way to stop your dog doing naughty things is to catch them in the act and discipline them. Verbally that is not physically. Easier said than done but try and catch her chewing the carpet.

All of the above suggestions are geared at easing the burden on your wife and keeping Molly happy and your wife happy.

I’m sure your wife loves Molly and doesn’t want to have to give her up but there is simply too much on her plate and Molly is low on her priority list.

If you want to keep Molly, you need to ease that burden. It will take effort but I know you can do it!

We are all here to support you!

What Are Your Suggestions For Paul?

Do you have any advice you can share with Paul?

Give him a hand and share your thoughts in the comments below.

main image via

Boston Terriers In Weddings: A Very Stylish Flavour Of Cute

Boston Terriers at weddings


What better way to show off your pup than a Boston Terrier wedding! By that I mean including them in your wedding, not marrying off your pet.

Unique weddings that reflect a couples unique style and personality are definitely on trend and it’s a trend I hope will stick around. After all, a wedding should reflect your relationship and the things you love.

Thanks to this new trend we are now seeing many couples including their pets in their wedding and what cuter addition could you ask for than a Boston Terrier? They come with their own custom made, permanent tuxedo so clearly they were born for weddings!

Whether your Boston Terrier has a quick feature in a photo whilst you are getting ready or they are part of the bridal party as a ring bearer (if your stress levels can handle that responsibility on a dog) or even a bridesmaid; they will bring a very stylish flavour of cute to your wedding.

Now I’m not a fan of the typical tacky dog wedding attire so I’ve gathered some cute pics from around the web of weddings featuring the coolest dog breed in the world, the Boston Terrier.

What’s The Deal With All The Wedding Talk?

So you may be wondering why I’m all hung up on weddings at the moment … and you may also be wondering why it’s been a while since I last posted …

Well, after 6 and a bit years Mr. BTR finally popped the question – Of course I said yes!

The Proposal

sunset beach proposal

The view where he proposed

We headed down to the beach (the same spot where we watched the Supermoon rise) in the afternoon to have a little picnic, a drink and watch the sun go down (or at least watch the colours over the ocean as we are facing East) with Stelly.

I was taking lot’s of photos as I do and once the sun had sunk well below the horizon he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Oh and yes, there is a stunning rock that was planted firmly on my finger but you’ll have to head to my profile page in the Boston Terriers Rock community to see that one. Cheeky I know 🙂

Did you have your Boston Terrier involved in your wedding or do you know someone that has?

Share your stories and tell me what you’d like to see Stelly in for our wedding.

boston terrier bride wedding

Image via Style Me Pretty

wedding inspiration with Boston Terrier


bride boston terrier

via Jenny Yoo

boston terrier wedding cart

Boston Terrier puppy in a cart

bride with boston terrier


bride and groom with boston terrier


boston terrier wedding party


boston terrier orange wedding collar

via Style Me Pretty

boston terrier in wedding


boston terrier bridesmaid


Boston Terrier in wedding party


Boston Terrier with Bridesmaid


boston terrier puppy in wedding cart

via Pinterest

Boston Terrier ring bearer


Boston Terrier flowergirl


boston terrier at wedding


wedding inspiration with Boston Terrier and christmas tree


Boston Terriers at weddings


Image Sources:,,, charmingcreativity, lfvaustin, Pinterest, ritzybee, Jenny Yoo, We Heart It, zestcatcher, Heather Fowler Photography, Kate Headley, qweddings, Wedding Chicks.

A Picnic, A Puppy and A Supermoon

For nearly 2 years now I’ve wanted to watch the full moon rise over the beach but we always seem to forget or arrive too late but when I heard there was a Supermoon on Sunday I made sure we witnessed it.

So we packed up a little picnic and the pup and the 3 of us headed down the road to the beach to watch the Supermoon rise.

At first we kept having people come over to us wanting to see Stelly which I usually don’t mind but we were set up with a picnic and drinks having some quiet time and they didn’t really seem to get that … I guess she is irresistible though.

Eventually we were left in peace and the few other people that were there disappeared not long after the sun went down.

It was a beautiful clear afternoon and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset which was then overlapped by the spectacular rising moon.

It was breathtakingly beautiful watching the purple and orange stained sky with the moon emerging on the horizon across the ocean with the waves rolling the moons rays closer and closer to us.

It really made us appreciate just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world and sharing it with out little puppy just topped it off.

I think the Supermoon got to Stelly a little, she’s usually quite calm but as you’ll see in the video she kept wanting to jump around near the cliff edge … by the time the sun had completely sunk behind the escarpment and the moon was in full bloom little Stelly was fast asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Did you watch the Supermoon rise?

Share your stories and pics below! We’d love to see how people in other corners of the earth witness it.

Sunset beach escarpment

Supermoon 2012 rising as the sun sets

Supermoon 2012 rising with the waves

Supermoon 2012 rising with the waves

Supermoon 2012 rising over the ocean

Watching Supermoon 2012 with Boston Terrier

Supermoon 2012 at the beach Australia

Boston Terrier Stelly sleeping - Supermoon 2012

dognapper boston terrier puppy

Dognapper! How Safe Is Your Dog?

dognapper boston terrier puppy

Is your puppy safe?

Ever since we adopted our Boston Terrier puppy, one of the biggest concerns we have had is the fear of our precious little dog being stolen by a dognapper.

It’s amazing how the mind works because I seem to be finding lot’s of dognapper stories lately and they are from all over the world. It started when I read the AKC findings which stated that dognapping has increased and Boston Terriers are listed as the fourth most stolen breed (Yorkshire Terrier was number 1).

Then I found dognapper stories from Albany where puppies and full grown dogs have gone missing with the Special Report: Dognapping title for added drama.

There are stories from my country, Australia where a dognapper stole a dog from the RSPCA shelter in Canberra and a story from Melbourne where Barking Pups Dodge Dognapping.

The stories from China and Thailand where they are battling a dognapping crime wave are the most disturbing with a dognapper group not only stealing stray dogs but are now targeting pet owners and stealing their dogs to be shipped into Southern China and Vietnam to be sold and served in restaurants. I kid you not.

Why Dogs Are Stolen And How You Could Be At Risk

Maybe we’re just being silly and paranoid but we love our Stelly very much so the fear of losing her to a dognapper is too much to think about and when you really step back and look at things it really isn’t as common as the media leads us to believe, there isn’t a dognapper lurking around every corner …

But, whilst dognapping may not be so common there are a few things that put Boston Terrier and purebred owners at a higher risk:

  • Dogs are stolen for profit
    Purebred puppies can be very expensive (although worth every cent) as they often come from breeders producing a show dog and also due to the cost of vet bills (especially is the puppies are born via caesarian). If the wrong person knows what they cost they could steal the puppy to sell for a profit.
  • People Think Stelly Is A French Bulldog
    Most people in Australia have no idea what a Boston Terrier is and Stelly is usually mistaken for a French Bulldog. This makes me a little worried as the Frenchies are even more expensive and people know that.
  • Boston Terriers Rock
    People here may not know what breed our dog is but everyone thinks she is a very cool dog and that really is universal with Boston Terriers. What happens if you ride around town on a really cool bike and then leave it out for the night? Yep, don’t expect it to be there in the morning.
  • Small dogs are easily hidden
    Stelly is very small and placid so she would be hidden easily unlike a big dog which would be quite obvious
  • Boston Terriers are rare in Australia
    In Australia it’s very hard to find Boston Terriers and you are often on a waiting list with a breeder for months if not years, some people might not want to wait and could steal your puppy instead.
  • Fighting – not likely with a Boston Terrier, they will probably just smother the other dog with kisses but other breeds like Pit Bulls are stolen to fight.

Think I’m really going crazy now?

Here are some of those dognapping stories I’ve found:

Dognapper Reports From Across The Globe

Storified by Elise Rochelle · Mon, Apr 30 2012 16:20:29

Pet Owners Beware: Dognapper on the Rise CLEVELAND – Shocking new numbers from the American Kennel Club (AKC) reveal an increase in dognapper cases across the country. "I would …
Daisy a victim of a dog-napper from RSPCAAn apparent dog-napping from a secure drop-off facility on the weekend has baffled the RSPCA and left a 12-year-old girl distraught. Poli…
Dognapper for cash, or hotpots Beijing dog owners have accused gangs of professional dognappers of stealing their pets for money. A number of residents in different dow…
Dognapping For Meat Growing in Thailand | Care2 CausesMar 19, 2012 … Pet dogs are being snatched in increasing numbers to feed the restaurant trade in dog meat elsewhere in South-East Asia.
Thailand battles a dog-napping crime wave | World News BlogFeb 12, 2012 … Over the last five months, the Thai border police have made a series of spectacular animal seizures in the north east….
Special Report: Dognapping: Nearly two million pets are stolen each year, but only 10% are returned. And it seem… Vizsla
DOGNAPPED! Litters of puppies stolen. £1000 ransoms. Inside …Aug 30, 2011 … What a great relief to hear that Alfie, the 16-week-old King Charles Spaniel stolen in West Bromwich earlier this mont…

Reducing The Risk Of Your Dog Being Stolen

To put my mind at ease I’ve researched a few things that you can do to make it harder for those rare dognappers of the world to get to your pet:

  • If your dog is outside when you aren’t at home try and prevent them being seen from the street.
  • If people start gushing over your dog and asking questions be careful how you answer. Don’t tell them where you live, how much your dog costs (I stupidly did this the other day … oops) or that they are left alone.
  • Don’t leave your dog outside a store – a friend of mine tied her puppy to a pole outside a butcher and the pup got really anxious and managed to slip out of her harness. Luckily a friendly person picked her up and held her until my friend returned.
  • Make sure your dog is micro chipped. That way if the dog is taken to a vet they will discover the real owner

All Worry For Nothing?

Well now that I’ve researched this and thought of ways to prevent my puppy being stolen I don’t feel so paranoid.

Chances are I will never have to face this situation but taking the above actions is like taking out insurance. You’ll probably never need it but if you don’t do anything about it you could be kicking yourself later if you don’t.

Have you had your dog stolen by a dognapper?

Is this a fear for you or do you think it’s just a whole lot of media hype about nothing?
Share your stories and thoughts in the comments below.

How To Leave Your Dog On A Rainy Day – Guilt Free

It’s been raining here a lot lately, more than usual but so far we haven’t had to leave our Boston Terrier puppy home alone on a rainy day.

That is, until last week.

It rained for days and we’ve had raining weather all summer long without much hope of much clear weather in the near future.

Not only do we feel like horrible parents leaving our poor little pup at home when we go off to work, but having to leave her at home on a rainy day is even harder.

Oh and the icing on the cake? Stelly is scared of the rain …

She doesn’t cry much but she sits there shaking and looking outside with the occasional attempt at stepping outside followed bluntly by the hard raindrops falling on her, reinforcing her fear.

It would be scary. Imagine being a tiny little puppy all on your own surrounded by big dark rolling clouds, the loud noise of the rain hitting the roof and deck and when you finally get the courage to step out you start getting pounded by cold, wet little missiles.

I’d run for cover too.

Many Dogs Are Scared Of The Rain

Stelly is not alone in her fear and she is far from being the most fearful.

Over the past few days I’ve also seen a few updates from friends expressing their concern about their dogs fear of the rain.

One friend in particular has a dog that cries loudly and all night long whenever it rains, it’s been going on for a year now.

Not as bad as my neighbours dog though who is a few years old … When I had Stelly under the car port trying to get her to go to the toilet outside my neighbour basically told me to give up as her dog still does his business inside when it rains.

Not happening in my house if I can help it!

Helping Your Boston Terrier Overcome Their Fear Of The Rain

I refuse to have a grown dog continue to go to the toilet in my house simply because they are scared of the rain. Say what you want but I think it’s ridiculous.

Yes it takes effort, time and frustration but with some patience I believe I will help my little Boston get over her fear so that she can go to the toilet outside when it’s raining.

Why is this so important?

I don’t want Stelly to be anxious when it rains just as I’m sure you don’t want your BT suffering anxiety, rain will occur a lot during your BT’s life and it’s not something they need to be afraid of.

I’m also pretty sure Stelly made herself a little constipated by not going to the toilet as she didn’t want to go in the rain. She also (usually) doesn’t do her business in the house so that means no toilet for Stelly.

I work close to home so the other day when it was raining I came home in my lunch break to check she was okay and also to try and get her to go to the toilet.

Teaching Your BT Not To Be Afraid Of Rain

I’m new at this game but armed with the training basics and a strong bond between Stelly and I, we managed to have some success in overcoming her fear of the rain.

I was outside with Stelly (in the rain) for half an hour and we tried a few of the usual tactics:

  • out the back on the grass – no go
  • out the front under the car port so she wouldn’t get wet – no go, she likes grass
  • gentle verbal encouragement – yeah right, didn’t work either

Boston Terriers are smart and it was clear that there was no way that Stelly was going to step out and be attacked by the wet missiles falling from the sky. So after trying for half an hour to get Stelly to go to the toilet with the usual dry day tactics with no success it was time to try something new.

Stelly trusts me. It’s my job to show her love and also to teach her what behaviours are safe and which behaviours should be avoided.

So I proved to her that it’s safe to stand in the rain.

Yes that’s right, I went and stood in the pouring rain with no umbrella or raincoat so that I could lead by example and show her that while you might get wet, the rain won’t hurt you.

While I was standing in the rain I smiled and called for Stelly to come.

We did have a little break-through though. She may not have gone to the toilet but she did step out in the rain very briefly after I stood in the rain.

With a bit more persistence and some treats I’m sure she’ll be fine. I’ll have to wait for the next down pour to test her with the treats … can’t say I’m excited about that.

Now, you may think that it’s completely ridiculous to stand out in the rain (if you have a better idea please share it in the comments below) but, remember my neighbour with the adult dog who still pees inside when it rains. Now tell me which is more ridiculous.

But it’s not just an issue of her needing to go to the toilet. I feel bad that she can’t get out and run around.

Plus, once she’s okay to step out into the rain she’s going to get wet and uncomfortable.

Keeping Your Boston Terrier Comfortable In The Rain

Stelly sleeps in the laundry and she has a nice comfy bed in there and room to move but she can’t run around and play. The laundry has a door which goes directly to the backyard which is great for her as she can come and go as she pleases but it doesn’t do her much good when it’s raining.

To overcome our guilt that she can’t get around comfortably in the rain I’ve been searching for ways to keep her happy on those dreary rainy days.

Ideas To Keep Your Boston Terrier Dry:

I’m looking into starting with a dog raincoat for Stelly and spent hours searching the net for some practical yet cool jackets.

Here are some of the dog raincoats on my shortlist:

FouFou Reversible Dog Raincoat Dark Silver-White

1. FouFou Reversible Dog Raincoat Dark Silver-White

Amazon Black with Red Toile Lined Raincoat for Dogs

Black with Red Toile Lined Raincoat for Dogs

dog raincoat Amazon East Side Collection Monkey Business Stowaway Jacket

Monkey Business Stowaway Rain Jacket

Fab dog pocket travel raincoat - Navy from Wag

Fab dog pocket travel raincoat - Navy

Muttropolis Fleece Lined Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hood

Muttropolis Fleece Lined Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hood

Amazon A Coat for My Cowboy All-Weather Pleather Dog Raincoat

A Coat for My Cowboy

1. FouFou Dog Reversible Raincoat, Dark Silver/White from Amazon
2. Black with Red Toile Lined Raincoat for Dogs (Small) from Amazon
3. Monkey Business Stowaway Rain Jacket from Amazon
4. Fab Dog Pocket Travel Raincoat from – other colours available
5. Fleece Lined Dog Raincoat with Detachable Hood from Muttropolis
6. “A Coat for My Cowboy” All-Weather Pleather Dog Raincoat (Small) from Amazon

*Note: These are affiliate links which mean that if you decide to buy I get a very small commission to help keep this site free. I only promote products that I would purchase myself.

How does your Boston Terrier cope with the rain?

Do you have a similar problem with your Boston Terrier? Do you have a funny story or tips?
Share in the comments below.

instagram boston terrier dog

How To Instagram Your Way To Aww Inspiring Pics of Your Pup

We all love taking pictures of our Boston Terriers and with their gorgeous looks they make the perfect models.

But unless you are a professional photographer most photos don’t turn out like you’d planned and end up falling flat.

Don’t fret – you don’t need to enroll into an expensive and time consuming photography course and buy loads of expensive equipment to get some seriously jaw-dropping photos of your Boston Terrier that even people who don’t love dogs will ‘awww’ at.

All you need is an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android Phone, the free photo app Instagram and the tips below to be on your merry ‘awww’ inspiring – photo creating way.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free mobile photo sharing app for iphone and more recently android.

It’s also a social network kind of like twitter where you can follow other users but rather than posting words, you post pictures.

The reason Instagram is so addictive is because not only does it allow you to create beautiful images by allowing you to add a variety of cool filters and effects but, it’s easy to use. Just point, shoot, transform with a filter and share.

How do I Join Instagram?

Simply download the app to your phone, create your account and you’re ready to go.

Taking Photos Of Your Boston Terrier

stelly boston terrier puppy

Stelly - Instagramed

Whilst you can take photos directly from the Instagram app I prefer and recommend taking photos of your BT with the iphone camera as it much quicker which is important when taking photos of pets as they don’t stay still for long.

This also allows you to take multiple photos (which I also recommend) of the same shot so that you have a selection from which you can chose the best.

By using the built in camera you also save the original photo automatically so that you can use it as is or create multiple variations of your photo using different filters and effects.

Save The Photo Without Sharing

If you want to take advantage of the filters and effects of Instagram but you don’t want to upload your photos to Instagram’s social network simply put your iphone on airplane mode via the settings.

To save both the original photo and the Instagrammed version in hi-res go to your iPhone’s settings and under Instagram check that “Save original photo” and “Save filtered photo” is on.

Lock In The Focus

If you want to focus on a particular thing like your Boston’s face or their favourite toy simply tap it on the screen and a small box will appear on the focus zone.

Bathe Your BT In Soft Lighting and Interesting Shadows:

The lighting and shadows really takes your photos to another level. In Instagram it’s important to try and take photos in a soft light that has highlights and shadows as the filters will otherwise wash the picture out.

This can be tricky when taking photos of pets as they move around so much.

Give it a go when they are sleeping in the sun with a slight shadow on part of their face and play with your angles until you see how the different light works with the filters.

I’m still trying to master this but I managed to get a couple of shots of Stelly while she was playing with a stick in the sun.

Stelly Boston Terrier with amaro filter

Stelly with Instagram's Amaro Filter

Shoot Your BT From Different Angles

The camera on your iPhone is fantastic for a phone but lacks depth when compared to an SLR. To make up for this you’ll need to get creative and try taking photos from different and unusual angles.

Practice taking each photo from multiple angles to see what works. Try taking the photo standing above your BT, below, to the side etc.

Take some photos with objects or scenery in the foreground so you can blur them out.

Use treats to help get your Boston Terrier into different positions.

Get down on the ground at their level for a world view through the eyes of your BT.

Lie on your back and get a picture of them while they stand over you (you’ll have to be quick to get the photo before you get smothered in kisses).

Shoot from above with them sitting and have them look up at your for the ultimate cute pic. Take this a step further and shoot when they do their ultra cute head tilt.

Get creative with your angles and experiment a little for a much more interesting photo than the typical happy snap.

This photo was taken at the beach. After running around on the sand Stelly was ready for a nap and found a comfy spot on me. I love the angles of this pic, notice that our bodies are pointing in the same direction? I also like that we are diagonally framed.

The inkwell filter was used for the black and white effect and the lineal blur was used to emphasise the angles.

boston terrier Stelly beach cuddles

Stelly sleeping on me at the beach - Inkwell Filter

See The World as a Polaroid

Instagram photos are designed in the shape of an old polaroid picture so you need to keep in mind that your pics will be cropped as a square.

You do have the option to position the picture and zoom in but if you have filled the entire photo as per your camera screen you will loose some of it.

Some of the borders will also crop the sides a little further so keep a small buffer around the edges also.

The easiest way I’ve found to take Instagram photos is to keep Stelly to one corner of the frame and keep the rest open. This not only allows for the crop factor but it gives the photo some breathing space and makes it more interesting.

If you want to fill the frame with a portrait of your BT’s cute little face take the picture horizonally with their face right in the middle. Make sure the sides of the photo are clear as they will be cropped.

boston terrier stelly instagram earlybird

A sleepy Stelly filtered with Earlybird

Framing That Gorgeous Face

Some of the filters come with a specific frame or border. Unfortunately you can’t individually select borders at the stage but fingers crossed that changes.

If the border is cropping into your photo too much, is distracting from the image or you just don’t want it you can remove the border.

To turn the border off for the photo you are editing, press the square stamp like image in the top left corner within the Instagram app.

Transform Your Photo’s From a Happy Snap To a Work Of Art With Filters

The best thing about Instagram is the range of different retro style filters that you can apply to your pictures.

boston terrier instagram filtersThe filters are what transform your photo’s from a happy snap to a work of art.

It’s amazing the difference a filter will make to your picture. They soften imperfections and draw light in really interesting ways while giving your Boston a retro vibe.

Different filters work better depending on the light and contents of the photo.

I often use the Amaro filter when taking pictures of Stelly as I find it usually complements her markings the best.

That being said, I still try every filter before committing and I recommend you do the same. Sometimes it’s the unexpected filters that really make a photo amazing.

In the animated photo I’ve cropped a photo of Stelly at the beach, tested a couple of filters, applied the lux effect and I’ve also created a linear tilt shift (blur).

Here is the end result, one with the Amaro filter and one with the Inkwell filter. Both have the linear blur applied as the background was a little too busy and I wanted to draw the attention to Stelly and her grass toy.

Let There Be Light – Introducing Lux

Lux is a new feature to Instagram and I’m loving it.

Lux brings brightness to dark images by filling dark areas with light and can also create more depth with darker shadows depending on the photo and filter used.

The Lux icon is a sun and is located in the bottom left hand corner of Instagram’s edit screen.

This feature can even make an already good looking photo better so give it a go with each pic to see if it works well.

I took this photo of Stelly at the beach and used the Amaro filter combined with lux which resulted in more defined detail and a dramatic contrast between the light and dark areas.

boston terrier picture beach

Amaro filter + Lux

It’s All About Me Baby – How To Blur to Emphasise your BT

Gotta love a Boston Terrier with an “it’s all about me baby” attitude. Stelly is still developing her attitude and is a little camera shy but she’s learning fast and I love it.

Instagram Tilt Shift Blur - Boston Terrier Picture

Tilt Shift (blur)

Capture and emphasise that ‘tude by blurring the background elements of your photo and drawing attention to your BT.

This effect is is easily applied within Instagram via the Tilt Shift option (there’s a technical explanation for tilt shift but I call it a fancy name for blur).

You’ll find the blur option up the top to the right of the camera icon in Instagram’s edit screen – it’s a tear drop icon.

Radial Tilt Shift
The radial tilt shift puts the focus on a round space.

This is perfect for framing your Boston’s face as it blurs everything but the item within the circle.

You can easily adjust the size of the circle on the screen with your fingers.

Linear Tilt Shift
The linear tilt shift option allows you to blur the background whilst keeping the focus on a line.

This is a good option to use if you have a busy background and your BT is stretched out in the sun.

Again, you can adjust and move the line with your fingers making it wider, slimmer and you can also rotate it.

In this photo I’ve used the Amaro filter combined with the Lux effect and I have applied the linear blur diagonally as there was too much background detail distracting from the main element of the photo.

stelly boston terrier playing beach

Instagram - Amaro Filter and Linear Blur

We Want To See Your Boston Terrier Instagrammed

Now that you’re armed with all the tips you need to turn your BT into an Instagram star, start posting your pics using the hash tag #bostonterriersrock (in the description) – the most creative pic will be our feature pic of the week!

You can follow me at @eliserochelle – drop your username in the comments along with any tips you may have and I’ll follow you back.

1459 miles + 4 Days + 2 States = Adopting Our New Puppy

Boston Terrier puppy ocean

Stelly and I - our first day

It’s been a long journey to find our Boston Terrier puppy.

Mr BTR and I have been together 6 years and we’ve spent most of that time traveling and renting our home. We finally purchased our first home just before Christmas, 1.5 years after returning home from our working holiday in Canada (where Mr BTR’s origins lie) and were finally able to get the puppy we had wanted for so long.

As you may have read from my previous post, there were many hurdles and heartbreak before we finally found our pup.

People told us we were crazy not only to drive that far to get a puppy but to pay the expensive price for a Boston Terrier pup in Australia (a rare breed here).

We were told many things (usually in a condescending way) including arguments such as:

  • “That’s a ridiculous price to pay for a dog”
  • “You should get a rescue dog – the pounds are full of them”
  • “You realise that a puppy is like having a baby don’t you?”
  • “You should be putting that money towards a wedding”
  • “You should be buying a boat, not a dog”
  • “You can forget traveling now”
  • “What’s wrong with [insert person’s breed of choice] dogs?”
  • “You’ve got a mortgage now and shouldn’t be spending that money plus the ongoing costs”
  • “It’s just a bloody dog”

The last point really sums up all of the arguments.

If you’re telling me that a Boston Terrier is just a dog then you just don’t get it.

The real argument is that if it’s not a Boston Terrier, it’s just a dog. Right?

That’s why I created Boston Terriers Rock, because I wanted to create an online community where to share experiences with people who get it and I know you’d like to do the same.

So I could spend all day explaining why the Boston Terrier was the only breed for us and about the 12+ months we spent researching the breed to make sure she would suit our lifestyle, personalities and be a good family dog (for when we need that).

But this story has a happy ending after a journey including 2348km (1459 miles) of driving, 3 days of travel, 2 Australian states and the adoption of Stelly – our beautiful little Boston pup.

(Full image gallery at the end of the post)

Day 1 – An Early Rise To Start Our Journey

NSW South Coast – Crescent Head – South West Rocks – Iluka – Ballina

Sunrise on the road

Dawn breaks a few hours into our adventure

It was a very early 3:30am when the alarm went off after a night without much sleep but we were determined to hit the road as early as possible to beat the Sydney traffic and have time to stop and enjoy the beaches of the NSW coast on the first leg of our road trip.

We made great time and managed to get past Newcastle just as dawn was breaking – we’d escaped rush hour.

We made a quick pit stop in Taree and then continued up the coast until we reached the scenic route just past Port Macquarie, stopping to marvel at the beaches of Crescent Head and South West Rocks. There’s also a pic in the gallery below of a really cool little cafe that we unfortunately couldn’t taste test as they only accepted cash.

We hit the road again and made a quick stop for lunch in a strange little town called Macksville and then we powered up the coast, past the Big Banana to a very quiet little coastal town Iluka on the Clarence River for a little beach fishing.

We didn’t catch anything but managed to get a little sun burnt in the 45mins we were there. It was beautiful though.

Last stop on day 1 was Mr BTR’s parents home in Ballina in Northern NSW where we caught up and prepared for another early start.

Day 2 – Adoption Day

Ballina – Ipswich (QLD) – Kingscliff (NSW) – Byron Bay – Ballina

Boston Terrier Stelly at the beach

Stelly's first beach experience

Another early start at 5:00am and again a rather sleepless night as we were both so excited to be picking up our pup.

We hit the road and set off for Queensland so we could meet Stelly as early as possible.

We arrived at the breeders home at around 8:00am after a 3 hour drive and were greeted at the door by the breeder with a much smaller than expected Stelly in her arms.

Our voices immediately went up an octave with all of our “oh she’s so beautiful” etc comments but, she really was the cutest little thing I’d ever seen and we were both immediately smitten with her.

The breeder was lovely and chatted with us for a while but I must admit I don’t think I heard much of it as I couldn’t keep my eyes off Stelly.

We were told that Stelly was the smallest in the litter but that didn’t stop her bossing her brothers and sisters around and she was proving that by winning a tug of war with her brother over a pair of thongs (of the shoe kind).

Finally we put Stelly into her travel crate and got back on the road. She only whimpered for about 20 seconds and then went to sleep until we arrived in Kingscliff.

Kingscliff took my breath away. It’s a smallish coastal town which I prefer over the main tourist spots and the beaches are incredible, the pics below really don’t do it justice but it was the perfect place to introduce Stelly to our beach lifestyle.

We then headed off to Byron Bay. to grab some lunch. Byron Bay is home to stunning beaches, a lighthouse on the most easterly point of Australia and a surfer town with a hippie vibe.

Unfortunately Stelly wasn’t too fond on Byron Bay and was scared of all the people so we got back in the car and went to the next coastal town in Lennox Head to grab a bite before heading back to Ballina.

Day 3 – Chillin in Ballina and Bonding With Stelly

stelly boston terrier cuddles

Breaking rule #1

Day 3 was spent relaxing, visiting the local farmers market (where Stelly was a hit) watching movie and tonnes of cuddles and bonding with Stelly.

We were both so amazing by how much love this little pup has to give and how well behaved she is.

Stelly slept in our room and didn’t make a sound all night. We broke rule number 1 immediately that morning and had her curl up at our legs in bed whilst we all went back to sleep.

Day 4 – Driving Stelly Home

Ballina – Coffs Harbour – Port Macquarie – Home

stelly boston terrier home

Stelly's finally home - her favourite spot in the sun

Another early morning departure at 5:30am but this time we were bringing our precious little pup home.

Stelly was fine with the drive for the first couple of hours but then just before Coffs Harbour she was car sick. We felt terrible for her and incredibly guilty for taking her on such a long drive but she was fine after that.

The weather was not so great and we stopped in Port Macquarie to stretch our legs at the beach and have some fun with Stelly. Just as we were leaving the rain started.

We continued for the long stretch home and were so excited when after over 11 hours we had made it.

She seemed comfortable right away, sniffing out her new home and finding her new favourite spots to nap.

It was the most amazing feeling to have her in our new home that we had worked so hard for. She truly makes us feel like we are a family now.

(Share your story in the comments below)

Click images to view slideshow

What’s The Story Behind Your Boston Terrier Search?

I know we aren’t the only crazy ones out there so let us know in the comments what experiences you had in your search for a Boston Terrier.

Did you come across opinionated people like we did?

Did you travel a crazy distance?

Was it just the incredible feeling you got from adopting your puppy?

Please share below.

57 Killer Reasons Why Boston Terriers Rock

Boston Terriers are a truly unique breed of dog that will give you hours of laugh, years of companionship and love for a lifetime.

Boston Terriers Rock Baseball T-Shirt

Purchase shirt now at | Men’s and Women’s available

It’s quite common for Boston Terrier owners to have more than one Boston and a few people have mentioned on our ‘Share Pics of Your Boston Terrier‘ board (comment on the board and you can add a pic of your BT here too) on Pinterest that they would have 10 BTs if they could.

So what is it about this breed that captivates so many people and creates such a deep passion?

Let’s see how long we can grow this list!

Here’s My 57 Killer Reasons:

Add your reasons in the comments below

  1. Boston Terriers are one of the rare breeds that don’t have a body odour so you won’t get that horrible dog smell in your home
  2. They have a big dog attitude in a small dog body – don’t be surprised if your puppy bosses around dogs 3 times her size
  3. They are called the American Gentleman for their very stylish looking tuxedo markings, the perfect complement for an already stylish owner
  4. Bred specifically to be a companion dog, they will give you endless love
  5. Bostons fart a lot so if you let out a sneaky you can blame it on your BT
  6. Boston Terriers have the ideal mix being great in apartments whilst still having energy to entertain
  7. They look incredibly cool in a bow tie
  8. Bostons are very intelligent dogs so they are easy to train
  9. Due to their intelligence, Boston Terriers excel at agility and advanced training so you can teach them some really cool tricks and use complicated commands
  10. They almost completely understand your language so be careful if you want to hide something from your BT
  11. Boston Terriers have a very expressive face resulting in some very cute and funny times
  12. They are small but not yappy dogs
  13. Boston Terriers are the official state dog of Massachusetts – since 1979
  14. They only need a bath every month or so (as they don’t have a body odour), unless they run a muck in the mud
  15. As they are small they don’t eat much so your wallet will thank you
  16. Bostons usually snore which can be really funny and adds to their quirkiness
  17. No need for expensive grooming services or hours of brushing – all your Boston needs to keep looking sharp is a quick brush once a week
  18. Boston Terriers don’t shed a lot of hair so you’ll only get the odd strand here and there unlike other breeds which can leave your guests coated
  19. They have big beautiful round eyes that you could stare into forever
  20. Boston Terriers are not technically a Terrier breed
  21. They can strut their stuff with top models and have been featured in many fashion campaigns
  22. Bostons are great with children, the perfect family dog
  23. While looking very stylish the Boston Terrier is welcoming and lively, not at all snobby
  24. Boston Terriers only need moderate exercise to keep them healthy
  25. BTs have the cute 90 degree head tilt down pat
  26. You’ll know if your Boston has been naughty by the guilty look on her face
  27. Boston Terriers are extremely loyal. I recently read a story about a BT who went to the door everyday for a month waiting for his owner who was sick in hospital. Now that’s a companion!
  28. This breed ranked second in the AKC registration statistics from 1905-1939 and have always been featured in the top 20 most popular dogs
  29. Bostons stay small with their weight ranging between 12-25 pounds
  30. They have a spirited but gentle nature – the perfect mix
  31. They were the first purely American dog breed to receive recognition by the AKC
  32. BT’s have been carefully bred for over 100 years to be the gentle and loving companion dog they are today
  33. Boston Terriers have a gentle nature and most will greet everyone as a friend
  34. Their combination of small body and short hair means they feel the cold easily – the perfect excuse to dress them up in some cool dog accessories
  35. Bostons are one of the only breeds developed in the United States
  36. Bostons have an endless supply of kisses
  37. They love cuddles on the couch
  38. Boston Terriers have really cool ears that stand up tall and pointy, coupled with their expressive face it really adds to their quirky style
  39. BTs have a box shaped head with a short muzzle for a unique look
  40. Bostons love to laze in the sun and soak up the rays
  41. Boston Terriers are known to have a friendly and lively temperament – no bossy ankle biters here!
  42. You’ll score extra treats at Halloween – no one can say no to a BT in a Halloween costume
  43. Boston Terriers are good guard dogs but will also be welcoming to your guests
  44. Some editions of The Wizard of Oz book had Toto illustrated as a Boston Terrier
  45. Bostons are as American as apple pie – There’s nothing hazy about the well documented history of this dog
  46. BTs are well-mannered and great companions for the the young and seniors
  47. This breed is born for the camera so you can get snap happy for some very cute pics
  48. They look stupidly cute when you dress them up
  49. They know how to rock hipster accessories
  50. Bostons can be very clown-like providing hours of entertainment and laughs
  51. BTs are small enough to sneak into a hotel so you don’t have to leave your mate behind when you travel
  52. They are so stylish they will fit right into 5 star accommodation (that allows dogs of course)
  53. Boston Terriers are small enough to fit into some very cool travel crates
  54. There are thousands of boston terrier themed products for humans so we can get all nostalgic
  55. Boston Terriers love to chill out on your lap
  56. Bostons have a killer smile
  57. But the best reason of all – Boston Terrier have a huge heart

There are thousands more reasons why Boston Terriers rock and this list could be endless.

I’m about to jump head first into the wacky world of the Boston Terrier, we’re hitting the road to pick up our new puppy Stelly and I’m sure I will be inundated with many more reasons why Boston Terriers Rock.

But, I want to know why you love your Boston so much.

What Crazy Things Do You Love Most About Your Boston Terrier?

Add your reasons in the comments below and we’ll see how long we can grow this list!

Image via fuckyeahbostonterriers

boston terrier decor inspiration

Inspired By Colour: Products For Your Boston

boston terrier decor inspiration

Boston Terrier inspired color palette

What better way to decorate your home and than to draw inspiration from your Boston Terrier!

I just discovered Design Seeds today and not only is it a great looking website but Jessica has put together an inspirational series of colour palettes based on the creatures we love.

Brilliant idea!

When I saw this colour palette created from an image of a very stylish looking Boston Terrier and a chic dog bowl I couldn’t resist finding decor and accessories for your Boston, inspired by the palette and image.

Below is a range of pet decor items and accessories which I have found, shortlisted and packaged to complement the colour palette inspiration and make a statement of your home and your Boston Terrier.

Products Inspired By Colour:

Keep reading as you’ll find full product descriptions for each of the images featured here.

Signature Chateaux Ceramic Dog Bowl

Pin It
I really liked the dog bowl in the inspiration picture and figured that you would like it too. So I searched all over the internet and I found it buried within the thousands of products on amazon, just for you.

Signature Chateaux Ceramic Dog Bowl in Black and White

Dog Bowl from The Inspiration Pic

This dog bowl is practical, functional, very stylish but it’s also reasonably priced making it a cost effective and practical statement piece to complement your home and your dog.

The dog bowl can be cleaned quickly and with ease as it’s finished in a high-gloss glaze that is also dishwasher and microwave safe. Not sure how often you’ll be putting your dog bowl in the microwave but it’s good to know just in case.

The best feature of this dog bowl is of course the chic black and white pattern which appears to be exactly the same as the dog bowl in the inspiration image.

Who would’ve thought a dog bowl could look so damn good!

Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 3 inches ; 2.6 pounds

Habitat ‘n Home Pet Crate

Pin It

This stylish espresso coloured dog crate will complement your home decor making it a feature of your home rather than an unsightly distraction.

wood dog crate

Dog crate by New Age Pet

This indoor dog crate has a mission design with a built in floor (which you’ll need to add a matt to for comfort) and a latching door to keep your Boston secure.

Even better than it’s chic design, this indoor dog crate is eco-friendly!

The crate is made from recycled polymers, recycled wood fibers and is constructed from eCo-Flex.

Combine the Crate with the Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed removable bolster to add extra style.

Great Shipping and Guarantee

Shipping: This item has free shipping within the US.

Guarantee: This store has a buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee included with your purchase which includes:
$10,000 for Identity Theft Protection
$1,000 Purchase Guarantee (get what you paid for or your money back) and
Lowest Price Guarantee

Buy Now from Stacks and Stacks
View Product Details

Copper Glass Beads Leather Dog Collar

Pin It

Handcrafted by the residents of Takaungu village on the Swahili Coast of Kenya in Africa.

Copper Glass Beads Leather Dog Collar

Copper Glass Beads Leather Dog Collar

This dog collar is the perfect way to keep your Boston looking stylish whilst you help support more than 80 of the villages residents.

This dog collar is made from quality leather (the best leather in Kenya according to the website), copper coloured Czech glass beads and hand-forged recycled brass to create a unique accessory to complement your Boston Terrier.

When you purchase one of these collars you not only get a statement accessory that’s sure to turn heads but, you are supporting the residents of Takaungu village.

Buy Now from Muttropolis
View Product Details

Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed

Pin It

Inspired by the dog bowl in the inspiration picture, the Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed is a much more attractive option than your typical bland dog bed.

Muttropolis Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed

Muttropolis Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed

Not only is this dog bed created with a chic pattern design but it’s soft design along with the raised edges and roomy interior will ensure that your Boston Terrier can snuggle up for a nap feeling safe, comfortable and oh so stylish.

The bed also includes a removable bolster which can be used on it’s own as a travel matt or inserted into the Habitat ‘n Home Pet Crate, adding a chic pattern to contrast the strong espresso finish.

The Putting on the Ritz Dutchie Dog Bed is made with a micro-velvet fabric cover, 100% cotton is used on the inner cushions which are stuffed with 100% high-memory polyester fiberfill for the for a high level of comfort for your Boston.

Rated 5/5 by Muttropolis Customers

Here’s feedback from one reviewer who lists one of the best uses for the bed being for small dogs, just like our Boston Terriers.
[quote]I also wanted a bed that would be attractive and not detract from our home’s decor. This stylish and comfortable bed is a perfect fit, for our dog and for us.[/quote]

Buy Now from Muttropolis
View Product Details

Hemp Leopard Print Bone Dog Toy

Pin It

Stylish, eco-friendly and bone shaped – Could there be a better toy for your Boston Terrier?

muttropolis leopard print dog bone toy

Leopard Print Dog Bone Toy

Slotting into the lighter side of the colour palette, the leopard print featured on this dog toy is a soft caramel which will not only be fun for your Boston to play with but will complement the other decor items and a brindle coat.

There’s no reason to have ugly dog toys when this stylish bone shaped squeaker toy will give your dog just as much fun whilst looking good.

Better still, the toy is made from eco-friendly hemp material which is safe for your pet and durable (though as with any toy, it’s not bullet proof and completely indestructible with effort).

So scrap the chemical filled plastic toys and replace it with one of these cuties.

Sizing: Small – 7 in. Large – 11 in.

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Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Treat Tin

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Made from recycled materials, sleek black and white and fancy french words – Oh so chic

Harry Barker dog treat tin

Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Treat Tin

As we know, Boston Terriers are intelligent, stylish and pretty darn cool and simply saying “Good Dog” just doesn’t quite do them justice.

So Harry Barker says “Bon Chien” which is French for “Good Dog” and well anything sounds good in French and good dogs deserve treats so why not keep them in style.

Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Treat Tins are FDA approved and made from sturdy, recycled steel. It’s also easy to wipe clean with a cloth and dish soap.

Measures 7.5” high and 4” diameter.

With a dog treat tin that looks this good you’ll want to have it on display!

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Disclosure: These products have affiliate links which means if you decide to buy I get some pocket money to buy Stelly a treat and keep this website free. I spend a lot of time searching for quality products and I will only promote an affiliate product that I would purchase myself.

Searching For Our Boston Terrier Puppy: We Found Her!

Stelly our Boston Terrier Puppy We’ve been on the search for our Boston Terrier puppy for a while now and have encountered many hurdles and heartbreak.

We live in Australia and Boston Terriers are rare here and very hard to find. There are only about 33 breeders in the country and they only breed when they want a show dog.

We’ve been so close and then it’s fallen through but things are looking up. We’ve found our puppy!

Introducing Stelly – Our Boston Puppy

After contacting almost every breeder and constantly being told that they don’t have any puppies it was looking like we wouldn’t find one for months.

Then, I checked the breeder pages expecting nothing as usual but to my surprise a breeder had listed a new litter of puppies!

I immediately contacted the breeder and she confirmed that she had 3 boys and 2 girls. We really wanted a girl but one of the girls had already been sold.

There was just one dilemma. The breeder lives in Queensland and it would be a 13 hour drive to pick up the puppy … The puppies were also more expensive than we had anticipated.

After some thought and discussion Mr BTR and I decided to just go for it. After all it could be months before another breeder decides to start breeding and there is also the chance that there would be no girls in the litter or they have a waiting list.

So, the next day we called the breeder and confirmed that we wanted to adopt the remaining little girl.

Why Name Her Stelly?

We lived in Canada (Mr BTR’s home country) for a year in a 1950’s log cabin and our neighbour’s had a Boston Terrier.

I had never seen a Boston Terrier before and when she ran into our yard I was immediately smitten with her cute look, friendly nature and personality.

We also have many fond memories of our time in Canada and in the log cabin so it just felt right that when we adopt our puppy that we would name her after that gorgeous little dog as a reminder of our time there.

The Road Trip

Considering it’s such a huge drive we decided to take a few days and make a trip out of it. We’ll be heading off in 3 weeks on our road trip and we’ll be taking the coastal route up to Queensland and stopping at some cool little beach towns along the way.

Stay tuned, I’ll be putting together a short video of our road trip and our first meeting with our puppy Stelly.

Fingers crossed the time flies!

So what do you think of her name and the long trip we’re taking to adopt her? What lengths did you go to in adopting your puppy?

Share your thoughts in the comments below

Dog Skateboarding Boston Terrier

Dog Boarding – Dexter’s Amazing Skateboard Tricks

Browsing through Vimeo I stumbled on this clever little clip featuring a cool Boston Terrier and naturally, just had to share it.

This video was made by Alien Art Agency who are based near the beach in the south of France, must be a tough life living there I’m sure!

The clip features “Alien’s” Boston Terrier, Dexter busting some seriously pro skateboarding tricks in the sun with Alien claiming him to be the first pro Dog Boarder. And hey, why not.

Created with a Canon 7D a green screen, After Effects and a large dose of fun and creativity. This is sure to make you laugh while Dexter busts a move with some pretty cool tunes behind him.

Watch the video here:

Did you get a laugh from the video?

Let me know what you think about the video in the comments below.

More About Alien Art Agency

Alien Art Agency Logo

Bio from their MySpace page:

Hi! My name’s Alien, I work as a graphic designer, webdesigner, and clothes designer in my own agency, The Alien Art Agency. I love graphical designs, especially vintages ones, punk rock, hanging out with friends, mustangs, piercings and tattoos. When I’m not working, I’m doing skateboard, surf, and drums! ..

You can check out other videos created by Alien Art Agency on Vimeo or visit their website here

boston terrier picture puppy

Searching For Our Boston Puppy – Hurdles and Heartbreak

Ever since living next door to the most adorable little Boston Terrier in Canada, Mr BTR and I have wanted to adopt our own Boston Terrier puppy.

So what’s been the hold up you ask?

We were living in Canada as part of a working holiday and since being back in Australia we have been renting and unable to adopt a puppy.

Finally this year we managed to buy our own home on the South Coast of NSW, Australia and we are now officially on the search for the Boston Terrier puppy that we have wanted for years.

Hurdles and Heartbreak

boston terrier picture puppy searching

Searching for our puppy

It’s not easy to find a Boston Terrier in Australia as they are not a popular dog breed and are relatively unknown (which adds to their cool factor in my eyes).

In our search for a puppy we have encountered many scams despite how careful we thought we were being. I am not only a very skeptical person by nature but I’m very web savvy so it really caught me by surprise when I discovered we had been scammed.

Mr BTR and I had been wanting to adopt a puppy for years and now that we were finally in a position to have a puppy we got carried away with our emotions and it drowned out the warning signs. Mr BTR was taking care of the correspondence with the ‘breeder’ we found online and there were a few things that I raised as being odd. But, it’s amazing how when you want something so badly your emotions cloud reality.

We got to the point where we had arranged for the puppy to be sent from interstate, sent the money to the ‘breeder’ and Mr BTR had bought a special little puppy bed, collar, puppy bowls and toys ready to pick up our pup in the afternoon. We were just waiting to be sent the flight information so we could pick her up and bring her home where we would be a family.

We never received the flight details. In fact, we didn’t hear anything at all.

I had that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and I new it wasn’t right even early in the morning. I didn’t waste any time and reported it straight away.

PayPal – Our Saving Grace

Luckily, I had insisted on using PayPal (they had of course wanted to use Western Union … ding ding) and even spelled out to the scammer that I would only use PayPal as it would ensure that if they weren’t legit that I would get my money back and they would get nothing. I thought that would make them give up but they didn’t.

I raised a dispute through PayPal and received a stern email from a lady who the scammer had clearly been grooming for some time. She was convinced that she was being sent his money and she needed to transfer it to a ‘charity’ in Nigeria. Hello!

I duly but also respectfully informed her of the situation and she was very apologetic. PayPal were fantastic (no I’m not an affiliate for them) and as she had confirmed it was a scam the money was refunded to me within 24 hours.

Despite not losing any money, we lost a fair bit of pride and we felt sick that we’d been scammed and bloody stupid that we allowed ourselves to believe it despite our better judgement.

It just goes to show how easily you can be manipulated when it comes to matters of the heart.

Moving On – A New Litter On It’s Way!

So we dusted ourselves off and found some reputable breeders in the state with one about an hour drive away who was expecting a litter within a few weeks. We patiently sat back and anxiously waited to hear from the breeder that the pups have been born and we could come to meet them.

But before we can adopt a puppy we have to go through the red tape.

We live in a townhouse with a decent sized yard and although we own our home it is under strata so we have to get approval from the other residents and the strata board which involves writing a letter detailing our request and as much detail about the breed as possible. Our neighbour has a Jack Russel so if they’ve allowed their dog there can’t be any reason to not allow a well-mannered Boston Terrier.

Also, many breeders in Australia like to interview and have you complete forms stating how often you’ll be at home with the dog, what kind of home you live in and a whole bunch of other questions. It’s a good sign that the breeders really care about the Bostons and want to make sure they go to a good home so fingers crossed we pass with flying colours!

Silence … Again

A few weeks had passed and the puppies should’ve been born but we had heard nothing from the breeder. We weren’t far away from them and wanted to go and at least meet the dogs but as it was over Christmas we just couldn’t seem to get anything solid out of the breeder.

So we finally called back and were very sadly told that they had lost the litter, the dog had miscarried.

It was devastating. It now felt helpless, like it wasn’t meant to be.

A Glimmer Of Hope

Today I found the one and only listing in Australia (for a reputable breeder) for a Boston Terrier puppy, on Valentines Day.

I spoke to the breeder and the puppies are 5 weeks old and will be ready for pick up in 3 weeks. There are 3 boys and 2 girls.

They are a 12 hour drive north but if all goes to plan and we finally end up with a puppy it will be worth every minute of the drive!

So, now we just need to get the paperwork sorted and wait to meet the pup that we will hopefully adopt very soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Did you have similar hardship when trying to adopt a puppy?
Share your experience in the comments section below.

Image via: Zsa Zsa Bellagio